Month: December 2016

5th AVE REDKEN Exchange Part 1

Happy Friday SOM Family, As an update to my recent completion of my REDKEN journey, and after 36 hours (or course, broken up in 4 days) of intense training. The first phase of my journey has now come to an end, and I am now officially a “REDKEN Specialist.” When you have a moment, view our recently added “Behind the Scenes with REDKEN Specialists” photo album. As I mentioned before, this is one step with many more to come. While my next journey initially was to become a certified “Hair Designer” and “Colorist,” this experience has helped me see...

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The New Chapter in the World of Beauty

This weekend marks the date for a new personal venture that I have set for myself. For so long I have posted daily quotes about following your dreams and reaching for the stars. Clearly one must practice what they preach! Right?? While my primary focus has been Shades of Monet Cosmetics, this past year I have decided to jump all in and take Shades of Monet, as a brand and company, to newer heights (all new changes will unfold one by one. Just be patient ..) For years I have been a Master Stylist, MUA, etc. that has worked...

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