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Formula – Highlights: Redken free hand (40g) and 40vol developer (60g) Glaze: 1oz 9P and 2oz clear with equal parts processing solution Retail Products: REDKEN Aerate  Pureology Miracle Filler We asked Palmer how she goes about growing her business and here are some tips she shared with us.   “This has actually been my first year on the floor as a stylist so I am still growing my clientele. However what has helped me the most has been referrals and my salon has a great Groupon offer.” Aura Hair and Makeup:   7878 Roswell Road Sandy Springs GA 30350 770-640-2882...

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Beauty Tips Online

Beauty tips online seem to be the place to go when you’re looking for ways to improve your appearance? Maybe the internet as become your beauty tips consultant of choice? While the internet can be a great way to get you acclimated with today’s latest beauty trends, as well as learning how to properly apply makeup. You must still PROCEED with CAUTION when resorting to the internet for cyber advice for your beauty needs. Despite what we are told, in many cases beauty tips online can fall into two categories, Fact or Fiction. As many of us already know...

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REDKEN Symposium Day 2 Prep

What an experience this has been already! I had no clue how hard and long model prep could be. Here’s the line up for the next 3 days of the show Even Tracey Cunningham was working a Pod in the Gallery as well. One of the best things about traveling is being reunited with people you’ve worked with and haven’t seen in awhile. Or better yet, someone you taught in one of your first classes and now they too have become a REDKEN Artist and this is their first REDKEN Symposium since becoming a part of the REDKEN Tribe!...

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Whitney Steed

Products: 21 Essentials as a leave-in and cutting lotion. Finishing with 06 Rewind       28 Control Addict  Formula: Pre-lightened with flash lift 20vol Shades Gloss 09V Platinum Ice Shades EQ         20 min under heat 5 min cool When we asked Whitney what advice she would give to someone who wanted to start their own business? This is what she had to share. “I’ve been doing hair going on 10 years. A hot tip that I would give for stylist that are wanting to start their own salon business would be to take Summit...

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REDKEN Symposium Day 1 Prep

Hi Everyone! Just documenting the experience for you! Meet the “Gallery Pod Teams” Going crazy waiting to pick our models. Model call is crazy!! So happy with my model pick 🙂 meet Alicia and LaDonna OMG endless amounts of REDKEN supplies!!! This is only one 10th of the room of accessories while the girls are being dressed up at wardrobe. Day 2 underway more to come stay tuned!                   xoxo...

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