Month: May 2017

Michelly Pereira

From North America to South America the beauty industry doesn’t waver. We are excited to feature our 1st but not last International Stylist Spotlight guest Michelly Pereira who comes to us from Brazil!!!! Blonde / Silver Nation Michelly loves her blondes and to say the least. I can understand why!! Like rainbow hair coloring they have many different facets to them. Some gold tones and some cooler in tones. Yet, they still bring the canvas of hair to life. So here we get a sneak peek into this blonde / silver creation. Formula I used for Alphaparf base root...

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IZU Music Video #TBT

I love working in film. What can I say, I find myself doing more than acting sometimes :). Let’s see if you can figure out who I am in this video?? Yes, I promise it’s me in it and I get pretty banged up in the process! Welcome to Monet’s World! I can’t help but laugh when I think back on this time. I had applied for a makeup job. But then a friend of mine that I knew in fitness had to back out (of the stunt role she was hired for in this video initially) and asked...

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Hard Boiled Egg Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge.. WTH???

Hi Everyone!  It’s me, Brit! Who would even consider using boiled eggs as a makeup sponge? WTHeck! At first, I couldn’t believe that this was even a trend. Even before the application process, I couldn’t help but think… WTHECK! That has got to smell! See, I love my boiled eggs. For me, they’re the perfect in-between snack. Not too filling, but just enough protein to give me enough pick-me-up. I bet you thought all I ate was nuts! However, I do have to admit I dread boiling them in the house, and then having them sit in the refrigerator waiting for me to...

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Grace O’Byrne

We are so honored to feature our newest Stylist Spotlight contributor Grace O’Bryne. This young lady comes packed with a punch. With her resume growing each day from Motherhood, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Student and now adding on to an already full load come June 1st, 2017. She will be the proud owner of Gypsy Rose Salon. The internet is such a fantastic tool, and it allows us the opportunity to connect with others that we would not have been able to so easily without it. Grace and I connected on Facebook back in January of 2017 and while...

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