Month: June 2017

Rose Gold Hair Color Myths Busted

Rose gold hair color myths busted!!! Recently, I ran across an online article that had me a bit frustrated regarding rose gold DIY coloring. Let me first say this: I have no problems when it comes to free speech, personal opinions, and free enterprise. I will say that I pride myself as a professional Master Cosmetologist. Still working to grow myself both personally and technically, (as we all should be in our industry) I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to surround myself with amazing talented liked-minded professionals from various parts of the industry and different brands. I will...

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Shear Destiny Book Launch Event

Shear Destiny Launch Party Live Event! While I’m playing catch up from one of the most amazing nights of my career. My team and I realize this stream is very long and wanted to break it down by speakers so that you could jump to the person you most want to hear from :). So, with an 1:10:03 worth of filming, here is the breakdown by name and career titles. I am also listing all of our sponsors here as well. This event would NEVER have been as successful without the LOVE and SUPPORT of each person involved.   Speakers:...

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Nicole Mcminn

Pastel hair color trends are going nowhere anytime soon. In fact, as a professional hair stylist while perusing through Targét 🙂 the other day.  I noticed the dreaded L’Oreal Pastel box color that professional hairstylists are cringing at the teeth about.  Personally, I have no issue with box color as many do in my profession. Simply because as soon as it goes wrong for the DIY home colorist, it immediately becomes  a color correction. So what may have seemed like a cost effective process ultimately goes from a $5.00 DIY home service to an $85.00 per hour hair color...

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Haley Rollins

Pulp Fiction? No! It’s Pulp Riot! I can remember when Skittles candy was the BOMB!! Was it the candy flavor that got us all excited or the vibrant array of colors?? When I saw this trend starting to take flight, I knew we needed to showcase Haley as our next Stylist Spotlight feature! This young ladies creative drive and spunky style is something to admire. Continue reading and you too will be amazed to learn how she DOESN’T just speak her thoughts and dreams into existence. She actually maps them out by way of #sheardestiny! Formula 1: (Her OWN...

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Coconut Oil Pulling Actually Works

One of my clients brought this concept to my attention so of course I can’t take all the credit. However, when she did, I thought and asked myself [question]“Do any of our social media fan followers know about this unique teeth whitening process called “coconut oil pulling”?[/question] This was a first for me, but when I started to do my research I quickly learned that it’s not new at all. In fact, it’s an ancient remedy that offers more than just a bright smile. You may first be asking, what is “coconut oil pulling”? I will not only explain...

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