Month: July 2017

Top 10 Female Mobile Moguls Making Millions

Women play an essential role in the success of the technological world. Female moguls have been receiving fame all over the globe. It is a great experience to see women taking over something in this male dominant world. By doing well in the field of technology, these female celebrities are constantly breaking the male stereotypes. These women are not necessarily the creators or inventors of their personal apps, but they are the driving force behind them because of their personal brand. However, they benefit greatly from it, as they get paid for each and every thing that they post...

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Anti Sex-Trafficking Lobby Day

While in my last blog I made a strong bold statement saying, “If you say nothing, you’ll stand for nothing,” it may not have set well with some people. That’s ok; it was not directed at anyone personally, other than those who chose to wait until it was too late to pay attention. That goes for me as well. Only God knows what this journey will bring me. But one thing I know for sure is it will be peace of mind knowing I did say something. Remember I shared with you that when I committed fully to this...

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Secret Red Confessions …shhhhhhhhhhhh

Although many women (and there are a lot of us!) who shy away from it because we are inclined to believe otherwise, I assure you: red lips are not reserved or restricted to a selected, special group of women. Timeless and tempting all at once, any and every woman can and ought to rock red lips once in her life! The only secret: when going red, do pay attention to the rubies, royals and rouges; the right shade will make red ravishing, and the wrong one… Well, we know how that goes! Red lips, done the right way, is...

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Tracking Your Success Daily Leads to Progress

Why it’s Important to Track Your Success on a Daily Basis? Responsibility, pressure situations, forced execution, willingness or unwillingness to work and passion! These are some of the terms that we not only hear every day but also experience. There is no short cut when it comes to being successful, no matter what field or passion you’re pursuing. For this reason, it is important to track everything you do on regular basis and be your own judge as to whether you’re on the right track or not. I love how Sara Caroline shares with us in a previous article...

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5 Ways to Have a Daily Positive Attitude

We all want to be happy with our lives, and we have also been told that having a positive attitude can make things better. We may have even seen real-life archetypes who flamboyantly tell us how they were able to look at the “silver lining” in everything around them. Cut the crap! It’s not that easy; but it’s not unachievable either! Even though I  post about positive things on a daily basis for most the last five years on facebook, I still have to find that absolute happiness and positivity that I tell everyone about. It’s because somewhere in...

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