Month: August 2017

5 Reasons You Ladies Don’t Want to Shave Your Face

The question that inspired this blog post: This is a fair question. So before anyone thinks that I’m going to attack the young lady that wrote this question or that I’m personally standing up touting how I’m trying to save the bunny with PETA…Sorry, wrong blog and wrong girl! As a lifestyle & business strategist with a focus in the beauty industry, my goal and intentions are always to lift people up and help individuals look at life through many different lenses. We will not always agree, but I’m a firm believer that it’s healthy to disagree. However, how...

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Color Correction Hair, How To Return Back To Natural

Issac Ulrich & Guy Tang We are beyond excited to showcase our second feature on Issac Ulrich as he shares with us how he achieved this beautiful earth toned brown, hair color correction.  If you’re anything like myself, your hair has seen more than 4 to 5 shades of the color palette within a 12 month period. Without a doubt, the term “virgin hair” has become an anomaly in today’s market. Even in an article written by Modern Salon noted in a survey done by P & G Beauty where they shared   “A survey among 2,000 women aged 15-75,...

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Why Use Instagram in Your Industry?

For someone who is a fashion blogger, or into cosmetics, clothing, or other closely-related businesses, Instagram is a perfect platform to make money. With its wide array of opportunities to organically engage users, it’s easily one of the best places to post your stories and connect with your followers. The reason why Instagram should be on top of the list for people in the fashion industry is because this app is all about photos – beautiful, amazing photos. If you have a company or you’re a fashion / makeup blogger, there is a solid opportunity for you to use...

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5 Ways to Help You Believe in Yourself

Life and disappointments are two words that are synonymous with one another. There is no perfect person who can achieve everything in the world without experiencing any kind of anxiety, fear, panic, and frustration. It would be absolutely wrong to say that there are some who are too strong mentally to feel the fear of failure. There is nothing wrong with fearing failure before you attempt to complete a special task in your life. We all are human beings, and it’s completely normal to all of us. Here are a few tips you can use to get over fearing...

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Nikki is “the Artist Pulp Riot is the Paint”

Featured Stylist: Nikki Buchicchio Let’s be honest, Pulp Riot nailed this tagline for every obsessed vivid hair fashion colorist out there! From coast to coast this newly launched color line has been winning the hearts of colorist like Nikki Buchicchio left and right. I reached out to Nikki to feature as one of Stylist Spotlight contributors because her branding caught my eye.  Having lived in South Florida for many years personally and knowing just how conservative the West Palm Beach, Florida market can be. I found it interesting that Nikki figured out a way to brand herself as a “Unicorn...

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