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This is a fair question. So before anyone thinks that I’m going to attack the young lady that wrote this question or that I’m personally standing up touting how I’m trying to save the bunny with PETA…Sorry, wrong blog and wrong girl!

As a lifestyle & business strategist with a focus in the beauty industry, my goal and intentions are always to lift people up and help individuals look at life through many different lenses. We will not always agree, but I’m a firm believer that it’s healthy to disagree. However, how one chooses to respond to a situation will determine the outcome. I decided to be neutral but factual so that my opinion on my response to this post will be better understood.

So let me first say this. Her question is fair and one that I’m sure many are asking themselves.

I will also say this about myself, what you see is what you get. Straight talk.

While I am a licensed professional in the beauty industry, please understand that I too am not perfect.


Monet Colbert purple hair bucket list checked.

I indulge in adult beverages. 🙂 I used to smoke two packs of Newports a day. I’m now 8 years smoke free! 🙂 I decolonize (aka bleach) my hair past a level 10 so that I could get this beautiful purple color. And even as a brown skinned girl, I fake and bake every now and then (aka tan in a tanning bed). Now that the cat is out of the bag… NEVER would I advise my kids to drink at any age, smoke, tan, or several other choices I have made in my life.


Not quite…The keyword you missed was advice… to kids or anyone that I feel could benefit from it in order to avoid something bad or harmful.

Why even continue reading then, right?

Simply put…… My decisions have been informed decisions. Right or wrong, I am entirely responsible for the choices I make. They are not created by influencers that have thousands of followers or by the latest cool ad campaign that fell into my FB feed.

So when I read posts like this one written by Alle Connell on


Alle Connell appearing to shave her face on

“If it’s good enough for Queen Huda, it’s good enough for me!”

[question]I have to wonder, while that may influence one person’s opinion, how many more impressionable young ladies feel the same?[/question]

I honestly feel like the tagline should read more like

“Just because it’s good enough for Huda DOESNT MEAN it’s good for me!!”

Let’s all make informed decisions rather than popular ones.

Yes, after a clean shave the skin does feel smoother. And yes, it’s the makeup artist’s perfect canvas to work on. However, even Huda is not a licensed professional. Huda Kattan is a makeup artist and beauty blogger who runs the famous ‘Huda Beauty‘ empire. Huda has done a phenomenal job with her brand, but her advice is based on what SHE does and what SHE likes. It’s not the Holy Grail nor holds a professional expert bias.


Huda Kattan shaving her face.

Just saying!

When I read statements like “we actually discussed the benefits when I was in school for my Esthetics license,” I have to say in her defense that having taught for one of the largest hair care brands in the world for five years, she could be telling the truth. [warning]Sadly, not all the schools teach to the standards of the State Board or what’s taught in our Milady’s curriculum.[/warning]

I’m sure you’ve watched enough Tabatha Takes Over. Need I say more?

None of what you have seen on this show was what the Milady’s nor State Board standards are. However, that’s not to say the school lived up to the standards on how the appropriate information was disbursed.

So, as a professional and someone that enjoys giving a new perspective to one’s belief system, I figured I would put context to this subject and write out the “5 Reasons You Ladies Don’t Want to Shave Your Face,” with expert advice and resources to support my claim. To the men reading this, let me apologize in advance. I am not excluding you from the topic. However, this topic and content was driven by a female audience at the time I wrote this blog.

I took the time to answer this question from a genuine place, so we can all gain new perspective. Learning how to respond when a response is in need, and not go on a personal attack.

First, we must understand what dermaplaning is because not everyone reading this article is a cosmetologist, esthetician, or in the medical field.

However, all three career paths are licensed professionals in their respective niche.

NOTE: A Freelancer / Blogger / YouTube Guru or Makeup Artist doesn’t hold a recognized professional license within the US at this time unless services are rendered in a salon. Then a cosmetology or esthetician license will be required. Even though I am a makeup artist, I am also a proud Master Cosmetologist dually licensed in California and Georgia.

Please check with your state if you have questions regarding licensing: Here

What is it Dermaplaning?

“Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.”

This service promotes dead skin cell removal[warning] NOT hair removal[/warning]While hair removal may be an additional benefit. It’s not the reason why one opts for this procedure as portrayed with the comparison to a razor shave. The reason makeup artists and young teens are advocating for this “shaving the face option” is the instant smoothness they feel when the hair NOT skin has been removed. NOT to say that you won’t remove your skin (more than dead skin cells)  if done incorrectly …(OUCH!) 🙁


Teen Trend: Young girls and women shave their face.

So let’s get to the point of the post on where I said, “On so many levels and for so many reasons this is not a good idea 🙁 ”

About this video


[warning]your safety before anything![/warning]

[warning]Dermaplaning is a professional procedure done in a controlled professional environment…period and end of subject[/warning]However, below you will understand why this is nowhere near an accurate comparison to shaving one’s face with Gillette razor.

Even if removing the hair was the true comparison, with this process a professional would recommend that the patient space treatments approximately two to four weeks apart for the best results.

Anyone that has any unwanted hair on any part of their body would not want to wait two to four weeks before repeating this service. So that alone promotes an unsafe environment to your face by having a blade taken to it as often as one would want or need to just keep this service up.

Women are shaving their faces

Women are shaving their faces before applying makeup

Posted by BEAUTY INSIDER on Wednesday, March 1, 2017


2. Listening to unlicensed professionals could cost you the very look you are trying to achieve…perfect skin.

The video below was done with #TheSASS girls featuring Kerry Benjamin and Stacked Skincare, a licensed esthetician, who furthered her skin education by earning advanced certifications from PCA Skin, Envy Medical, Mesoestetics, and the International Dermal Institute.

Kerry explains why you have to start the blade process on dry skin versus wet or moist skin. Yet, look at every YouTube video on DIY dermaplaning process. Why do they all start off with shaving cream? Last I knew, there was nothing dry about shaving cream.

[warning]NEVER[/warning] take a scalpel to your face! And while a Gillette razor isn’t an outward blade per say, it’s still a sharp tool that will cut.

3. The hair will grow back faster!!! 

[warning]Just kidding. [/warning]I wanted to see if you were paying attention lol…Myth buster!! But the illusion is real!

[warning]Pay attention[/warning]

The natural uncut hair has a tapered end, and it’s the wispy end that all new natural hairs have. The hair shafts thickness is below the tip and is much larger below the skins surface. When you shave the hair off at the surface (above the skin layer), it causes the hair to look like it’s growing fast in just a few days. The tip now has a blunt cut, so it appears coarser, and some tips feel thicker than the original thin wispy tips you once had. However, the hair shaft is still the same thickness as before. As women, I can’t see anyone wanting to keep this up, knowing how often someone is going to have to shave moving forward.

Even though dermaplaning ranges from $85.00 – $250+, and this might be what you want, think about the long term results you are looking for. If you are looking to remove dead skin and unwanted hair, then dermaplaning may be the answer for you. If you are looking for hair removal from the face at a more cost effective and safer approach, I would opt one these options: Better Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair. 

[warning]Excluding option #1 as the article was written for the masses. [/warning]

Even Dr. Daniel Maman, a NYC-based plastic surgeon, was quoted on Huffington Post: “Dermaplaning uses a specialized scalpel, held at a 45-degree angle to the face, to mechanically remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells,” he explains.

4. It promotes ingrown hairs: MedWeb

[warning]5. Bacteria transfer!![/warning]

If you have eczema, acne, or rosacea, (which most tweens fall into one of these areas)  and you improperly shave your face, you can irritate the skin and cause additional problems leading you right into the dermatologist. Trust me when I say that if you are at this stage you are more than likely going to be taking some internal or topical steroid product, not to mention the bacteria you are now transferring from one place to the next on the very real estate you hold with such high regard…your beautiful face.

Without a doubt there are many women and young teens struggling with self-confidence due to the unwanted hair they may be experiencing on their face. So I want to be sure that we are sensitive to those in need of a solution to this problem and not judging someone’s uninformed decision.

[disclaim]I am not saying removing hair from your face is the issue.[/disclaim]

[warning]I am saying the process that has become popular to do so as in this video is the problem.[/warning]

It breaks my heart to read things like this:

Hit a new low. Cried as I used a razor on my face. from TwoXChromosomes

Maybe we need to dig deeper to find out if your facial hair has anything to do with something more serious? Learn more about some of the symptoms that could be causing this nuisance. Learn more here

Regardless what you do, it’s your choice. I can only share why I would not recommend this process. Let the facts be the facts, and let’s also be very clear, this is nothing like Dermaplaning. And I only hope this helps clear up why shaving your face is not wise as a child / tween or woman.

Thanks for listening and please feel free to leave your comments below. If you liked this article, check out this other crazy trend taking flight: Hard Boiled Egg Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge.. WTH???