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Social media has become a ladder of success for all kinds of businesses these days, especially for small business owners. Many beauty salon owners, hairstylists, and entrepreneurs have become successful in a short period by applying marketing strategies on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can not only engage with your present and prospective clients but also create awareness among more and more people about your products and services. By marketing on Instagram and Facebook, you gradually become a brand attracting new clients.



Post Compelling and Fun Images

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Whether you have a beauty salon or not, you can attract more and more people to your services as a hairstylist, makeup artist or online business professional by posting images to let customers know what experience they can expect to receive when they opt-in to one of your products or services. Believe me; nothing is more compelling than seeing photos of actual customers receiving services or you at work. Do not forget to post these photos on Instagram as well.

Post Engaging Content

Customers love to hear or watch content they can relate to. Find material that gives them your perspective as a service provider as well. 

Try to Build Trust

Give out regular tips and advice on hair care and hair styling. Even maybe consider starting a blog. You could become a style guru deciphering and decode celebrity styles and continually guide your customers on what hairstyle they should adopt that they would look good in. In due time, your followers on Instagram and friends on Facebook will start to perceive you as an expert in your niche and will eventually become your actual customers. This happens when you build trust in the minds of your followers on social media platforms.

Do Not Forget Deals and Discounts

Customers love to hear about discounts and offers from service providers that they deserve once in a while. You can bundle your services and give a heavy discount to your customers or gift them by offering combo deals on services inside your salon or online business. You will find that your offers and deals generate high sales when you disclose them on your social media outlets.

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Before and After Photos

Having a personal blog allows you to share with your followers before and after processes like we show through our Stylist Spotlight section of our website. However, Instagram is one social media platform that is also very useful in helping service providers attract new clients. You can easily attract a high number of clients to your beauty salon by posting photos of your clients taken before and after availing your services. You can also impress customers with pictures of the salon and employees at work.

The goal is to have fun, be creative and know that someone out there is working just as hard, if not harder than you, trying to gain your client’s interest. Don’t let your client slip away by not engaging with them where they frequent the most on a day to day basis.

Comment below if you have some ideas that you would like to share with our readers. We would love to hear them 🙂 .