We all want to be happy with our lives, and we have also been told that having a positive attitude can make things better. We may have even seen real-life archetypes who flamboyantly tell us how they were able to look at the “silver lining” in everything around them. Cut the crap! It’s not that easy; but it’s not unachievable either!

Even though I  post about positive things on social media often, I still have to find that absolute happiness and positivity that I tell everyone about. It’s because somewhere in the back of our minds we all know the secret, but we hardly do anything to work on it. This is the barrier. And once you are over this enigma, you will be happier and more positive. Something I am still trying to master.

Best-Friendship-Forever-Remember, there will be ups and downs on the road of life… This is inevitable. But how you handle them will be determined by your attitude. With positive energy, you will learn, grow, and witness amazing things that your negative attitude would never let you see. And once you start on the journey to seek positivity, you will be challenged (trust me I KNOW 😊.  You will have good and bad days, but choosing to be positive during the bad times is what’s essential. I may not have been able to follow all the rules myself, but when I did, I truly felt a change in my life.

Cut the strings

The people around you can be the biggest detriments to your attitude. They could be your friends, lovers, parents, or  even co-workers. It shouldn’t be like this, but you can remove their influence.

During the years when I was completely annihilated, and when I got out of it, gradually, I realized that most of my attitude problems were due to some specific people in my life. What I learned is that it is important to stop relying on someone else for your happiness. Cut the strings; learn to stay happy with yourself. Expect less from others. This should be your starting point.

happpy_girlsHappiness is a choice

If life has given you too many reasons to grieve, just remember, you always have a choice of whether or not to cry. Believing happiness is a choice will change everything. It’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself. 

Find positivity in life

If someone would have told me to find positivity in life a few years ago, I would have simply started looking for new friends who could listen to me and understand me. But now, I have a different outlook. One of the best ways to tread strongly through tough times is telling yourself that these problems aren’t going to last forever. More importantly, turn to God and ask Him for the wisdom and guidance you are seeking in this time of negativity and  you will find your redemption one day.

Reinforce positivity


Click image to see how your words can inspire others.

Tell yourself that you are awesome. Tell yourself you are a good person. Don’t focus on the negative. It’s not necessary to like everything about yourself, but once you start appreciating yourself, you will value your life better. Today we call this ‘words of affirmation’.

Don’t forget to share happiness

Being selfless is the eternal rule to a positive attitude. To be positive with yourself, you have to be positive with the people around you. A basic and simple way to do it is to be nice to people, no matter what. This might also be the hardest thing for you, but once you do it, you will feel much better.

Start working on your positive attitude today. The only way to get it is to believe you can.