“I may appear small in this picture. But I have plans that are much bigger than myself.” Photo By: Fleming Photography

Life and disappointments are two words that are synonymous with one another. There is no perfect person who can achieve everything in the world without experiencing any kind of anxiety, fear, panic, and frustration. It would be absolutely wrong to say that there are some who are too strong mentally to feel the fear of failure. There is nothing wrong with fearing failure before you attempt to complete a special task in your life. We all are human beings, and it’s completely normal to all of us. Here are a few tips you can use to get over fearing change and disappointment and help you to achieve success:

1. Acknowledge the Fear – How Does it Makes You Feel?

Sometimes people cannot find the key to their problems unless they acknowledge them. When you acknowledge your fears, you start discovering ways to get over them rather than finding ways to escape. This is actually your first step towards achieving your life goals.

2. Don’t be Afraid of Failure – Nothing Can Stop You in Life

Yes, nothing can stop you in life, except yourself. You just need to believe that you have the skills and mental ability to achieve your life goals. Sometimes we’re successful in life, but sometimes we fall. However, occasionally falling does not mean that we should not be working hard to get our desired results. The world is pretty big, and you’re just a small part of it. You don’t need to settle for what people say; rather you need to chase your dreams continuously until you achieve them. Don’t ever be afraid of failure, as your fear is nothing compared to the happiness you will feel after achieving success.

Dare to Dream

3. Face Life Disappointments Positively and Use Them for Future Success

There will be disappointments in life. These can make you want to freeze right there in that situation for the rest of your life. But if you stay frozen there, your life will never become more. Experience your life disappointments, learn the important lessons, and move on. If you keep reading the same chapter of your life, you cannot focus on the next chapter…the one that will bring you success.

This was one reason why I wrote Shear Destiny 50 Ways to Map Out Your Career and Win! So often I would see talented hair stylists becoming burnt out from working behind the chair for years. Or maybe, salon after salon, they continued to have a bad ownership experience and it left them feeling lost. In their minds, they’re saying to themselves, “Now What?  Where do I go from here?” It’s a scary feeling when you don’t even know what your options are. But I can assure you; I can help you find the answer if you’re willing to look at this season of disappointment as a gift. It’s the gift of ‘wisdom’ letting you know that there is something greater waiting for you, if you’re willing to explore so that you can find it, and then claim it 🙂  .

4. Don’t Ever be Afraid of Change – Believe in Yourself


One of my favorite books ‘The Power of I AM’ By Joel Osteen

In life, change is inevitable. If you say that you need to live in your comfort zone to achieve success in life, you’re living in a fantasy world. Put all your fears and doubts behind you and look at change as a learning experience, one that will eventually stretch you mentally and lead you towards success.

5. Believe in Your Capabilities That You Can Achieve

Yes, there is nothing stronger than having the confidence that you can achieve your goals on your own. You just need to believe in yourself and have faith in God that he has already equipped you with the capability to achieve success. If you have this kind of confidence and faith, you will achieve your goals in life, right on time. When it does, you will soon see how your life played out just like the story I share in this video…….

It was “Shear Destiny