Happy Friday SOM Family,

As an update to my recent completion of my REDKEN journey, and after 36 hours (or course, broken up in 4 days) of intense training. The first phase of my journey has now come to an end, and I am now officially a “REDKEN Specialist.” When you have a moment, view our recently added “Behind the Scenes with REDKEN Specialists” photo album. As I mentioned before, this is one step with many more to come.

While my next journey initially was to become a certified “Hair Designer” and “Colorist,” this experience has helped me see myself in a different light. In fact …..now I’m on a path to becoming an educator for REDKEN in hopes of working one day on the catwalks with them. This doesn’t put Shades of Monet in the back seat by any means… in fact, it’s the perfect marriage for where I see our brand going. All in all, when the time is right, each of you will learn more as the excitement unfolds. In the meanwhile, I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing business-minded and creative individuals in this first step.


Julie Lahr:

You are a WORLD of knowledge, and I wish I could just take your brain and borrow your chemistry knowledge for just 24 hours …sorry, let me rephrase that… make it 72 hours. LOL! You’re so amazing! Thank you so much for the time you have taken to help me understand a bit more in regards to what steps are yet to come on the road to becoming an educator for REDKEN.

Danny Dubose:

You’re so patient and genuinely giving, just by human nature. You listen with your heart and respond with poppa bear love. LOL I will call you soon so that we can do lunch!

Brayden Pelletier:

Seriously, your energy is so infectious, and no one could ever say you’re NOT passionate about your career path! You’re seriously OFF THE chain, and you have TRULY inspired me to go for it all!!! So believe me when I say we will see each other one day on the catwalk, even it means I’m assisting YOU!

Marilyn Browder:

Marilyn, I can’t say thank you enough. It’s because of you that this journey has officially started. Thank you for taking time to help me get into this class, literally, at the last hour!

Katie Schaller:

You’re naturally an amazing teacher, and you have NO idea the talents you possess. I promise I will try everything in my heart to get you to take this path with me!!! REDKEN needs to see educator potential and girl YOU GOT IT!!! Thank you for taking me on, helping me find my career path, never making me feel like any question was foolish, and showing me that mistakes are ok!!

So what’s next, right???

While I thought there might be a waiting period for the next class because they’re so far and in-between in each state, Taylor Brooks Salon and Spa gave me with one of the BIGGEST surprises anyone in my current mindset and determination could ever imagine. They have decided to sponsor two stylist in their salon by way of appreciation of my hard work. This sponsorship now has enabled me to be one of the chosen stylists headed to NYC 5th REDKEN Exchange. OMG!!! I can say with all honesty it literally brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons. I just started this venture only 3 months ago with goals in mind. But never would I have thought in a million years that I would be going to NYC to The EXCHANGE this year, and certainly not while being FULLY sponsored!!!! This is all happening so fast and truly is inspiring me to remain focused, driven, passionate, and determined to stay on the AUTOBAHN!

Thank you Julia Butler (Owner) and Ashley Davenport (Manager), and EVERYONE at Taylor Brooks Salon and Spa for your constant support of my passion for this industry, not only with REDKEN but with Shades of Monet as well!

So here we go:

I’ll be in NYC at “The REDKEN Exchange on 5th Ave” Sept 26th—28th. (Boy, am I happy to go back home!)

Next, I’ll be in Orlando for REDKEN again, attending “Centricity” Oct 2nd—4th.

But before all that, in August I’ll be participating in one of the largest Parades in Chicago, “The Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic.” Of course, I’ll be making my celebrity client look beautiful as her personal makeup artist while she promotes her newly published book, Something Inside of Me. Make sure that you check it out!!

Finally, stay tuned for my most recent published article in “Apollo Male Model Magazine” coming sometime in August!

Ok, my little mentors and FANS it’s time to go back to work….