Company History

Inspired by the famous fine art impressionist, founded by a formidable female entrepreneur and manifested after years of valuable experience and research, Shades of Monet® cosmetics was born.

Celebrity fitness makeup artist Monet Colbert had a vision to create a cosmetics line that, like a fine impressionist painting, contained the full spectrum of light and dark—a palette that would appeal to women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. But it wasn’t just the palette that Monet wanted to perfect. As an accomplished mother, writer, fitness competitor, model, makeup artist and stylist who worked both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras, she knew the importance of creating a formula that remained flawless all day, in a variety of environments.

Shades of Monet® cosmetics was first introduced to the world of competitive fitness training, where only the highest quality of cosmetics could withstand the hot glare of lights, intense physical workouts and 12 hour days that competitors would experience while training. The cosmetics line not only met the challenge, but exceeded the expectations of makeup artists, athletes and models alike. After years of enduring makeup that covered up, concealed and suppressed, Monet had to find the right manufactures that could create a line of cosmetics that illuminated a woman’s natural beauty from the inside out, while withstanding the everyday pressures of life.

Shades of Monet® quickly developed a strong following and has now successfully crossed over into the world of fashion. With its vibrant, modern palette, gentle ingredients and long-lasting formula, her breakthrough cosmetics line has been featured in runway fashion shows and fitness, travel and fashion magazines accompanied by rave reviews.

Shades of Monet® is not just another cosmetics company; it is a representation of women and men everywhere and their respective journeys through life. It’s about unity with both sister and brotherhood. From the brightest inspirations to the darkest challenges, Shades of Monet® is dedicated to bringing beauty, inspiration, education and confidence to women & men everywhere.

Why Shades of Monet®?


Shades of Monet® is a truly groundbreaking company. No other cosmetics brand has successfully fused an innovative color palette, performance-driven wearability and intelligent skin care into one makeup line. Shades of Monet® has bridged the gap between the trendsetting world of fashion and the demanding fitness industry to provide fashion and function for women of all skin tones and backgrounds.


Our products are made ensuring the highest quality and safety standards are met at all times. Your safety is our number one priority.
Our cosmetics are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Developed in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Procedure
  • Manufactured in an FDA approved facility which is also set up in accordance with the CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines
  • Our products are not custom-blended in any other type of facility. If you have purchased products with a similar name that appears to be affiliated with Shades of Monet® cosmetics but are unsure of its origins, please contact [email protected]
  • Shades of Monet® cosmetics is a registered trademark with the USPTO

We test all of our products in extreme environments such as humidity and heat to ensure they live up to our wearability standards and provide you with hassle-free, gorgeous cosmetics.


More than just a cosmetics brand, Shades of Monet® is part of a larger movement that hopes to inspire and empower women through confidence, unity and well-being. We aim to provide cosmetics that allow women to embrace their own natural beauty rather than try to achieve an impossible, uniform standard of acceptance. We also know that modern women must perform many roles throughout their day. Mother, friend, daughter, mentor, worker, wife– each day we give many shades of ourselves to others. Shades of Monet® wants to give back, by providing simple yet effective cosmetics that respect your skin from morning to night while making you feel gorgeous. Our products are designed so you will never have to sacrifice on price, palette or performance

Giving Back

Shades of Monet® is a privately-held company with a track record of growth and giving back to the community. In addition to sponsoring numerous athletes and competitive fitness events, Shades of Monet® is proud to support the following non-profit organizations:

  • Special Olympics
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition
  • The Susan G Korman Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Success Looks like Me
  • Shine Academy

Opportunity and Education

Shades of Monet® cosmetics & Shear Destiny are dedicated to inspiring men and women that have a passion for the beauty industry.

Vision Statement

To create the ultimate beauty mosaic, where every woman and man is a Shades of Monet®  while helping each person discover their own destiny.  The only question remaining is… Which Shades of Monet® are you?