In our consultation, my client wanted “honey golden blonde” and “golden brown” Balayage to accent her natural level 2 hair.

Application :

Using her natural part to distinguish the way my client’s hair would naturally fall, I parted her hair into four quadrants. Starting with Redken Flash Lift & 30 volume developer, I Balayaged using a diagonal back pattern focusing heavily around the face & weaving small sections out to be sure her ends would have dimension and to avoid the appearance of an Ombré or becoming too light. I made sure to use my Redken Blur brush when necessary to avoid any harsh lines.

Before I began on the back two quadrants, I remixed still using Flash Lift and 30 volume developer. You always want to remix so that your clients process more evenly. Each quadrant was done in a diagonal back pattern & larger wefts were left out of the balayage in the back two quadrants to ensure that the majority of the lighter balayage would frame Mary’s face. After processing for 40 minutes at room temperature, we then shampoo’d with Redken’s Extreme shampoo. Next, I rooted her using shades EQ gloss 06GG on her base and blended down about 4 inches avoiding her lighter face-framing bang area. I then toned all over with Shades EQ gloss 08GG. We continued with using an Extreme Chemistry treatment (Chem Shot) and Redken’s Extreme conditioner.

Formulas :

Balayage – Redken Flash lift & 30 volume Developer

Shadow/Rooting – Redken Shades EQ Gloss 06GG.

Toner/Glaze – Redken Shades EG Gloss 08GG

Products used :

Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner

Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer

Redken’s Diamond Oil Glow Dry

When I asked Aubrey what made her unique as a stylist. This is what she had to say.

“What makes me unique as a stylist is that I love helping other stylists succeed! Instead of keeping my formulas or tips and tricks secret from other stylists, I love to share them! There are plenty of clients to go around. I want every client, that steps through the door of any salon, to have an amazing experience and leave feeling more beautiful and confident than when they first sat down in their stylist’s chair. Our salon functions very differently from other salons I have had the chance to be in and experience. Not only do we thrive on education, but we go into work every day with girls that wouldn’t think twice about helping each other out. Whether it’s just giving someone’s client a blowout or helping another stylist brainstorm formulations for a crazy color correction, when we’re needed, we do all we can to help each other out and we go above and beyond for each other & for each other’s clients to ensure that they leave our salon having had an amazing Signature experience. We build each other up daily & encourage one another in any situation.”

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