Having faith and believing that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Monet believes that it takes a village to raise a family and humbly understands that her road to success was not her own doing. Its that belief system that gives her the drive to fight her way to the top. Monet’s focus in life…to be the change that she wants to see and to prove that just because you are born into one situation or set of circumstances doesn’t define who you will become.

Never expecting to build a career in the beauty- industry. Monet would find her way by cutting a zigzag path through the competitive entertainment, fitness, and beauty industries. She feels that like with physical sports, you get bruised, scratched and yes even end up with deep cuts along the way.  Yet after having rolled with the punches and jumping over hurdles, this trail blazer is still working towards building a successful empire. Shades of Monet, along with all her bushiness ventures.

But most importantly, She feels her greatest accomplishments are the two beautiful, strong willed, inspirational girls who call her mom.

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Jeff Erml
Sr. Business Development Manager at Baxter of California

“Monet has a passion for the fashion world that is infectious. She always has the idea of helping people at the forefront of what she does. Monet has an entrepreneurial spirit that she passes on to individuals she works with for their benefit. Monet is driven, organized, and communicates extremely well in her role. She has a continuous desire to grow at all times. She is an asset and a pleasure to work with.”

Ashleigh Cummings
Decleor Spa Specialist

“Monet is a dynamic REDKEN educator that possesses the ability to relate to all people. Using discovery questions, she is able to uncover the underlying issues all while creating a trusting relationship. Her strong understanding and passion for hair, coupled with her communication skills allow her to transfer knowledge with ease. Beyond her technical ability, her analytical skills enable her to work with the salon and consultant to take the business to the next level. She is a team player and is always looking for the best solution for the client while representing the REDKEN brand.”

Mary Eyler
Salon Professional Division of Wella

“What a powerhouse! Monet is intelligent, focused and visionary. Couple that with a never ending pursuit to be the best she can be and you have the winning combo! And by the best, I mean both personally and professionally. Always challenging herself with new possibilities, a true master of her craft in her profession, she is also the epitome of a warm, generous, “stand by you” friend. You can count on Monet to come through, give it her all and then move on to the next challenge or adventure! This woman walks with purpose and I’m excited to watch her forge that path.”

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