online adviceBeauty tips online seem to be the place to go when you’re looking for ways to improve your appearance?

Maybe the internet as become your beauty tips consultant of choice?

While the internet can be a great way to get you acclimated with today’s latest beauty trends, as well as learning how to properly apply makeup. You must still PROCEED with CAUTION when resorting to the internet for cyber advice for your beauty needs.

Despite what we are told, in many cases beauty tips online can fall into two categories, Fact or Fiction.

As many of us already know the internet can be a great referral source, no matter what you are researching. However, in truth this can become a complicated process when trying to decipher if what you are reading is Fact or Fiction? Often times you are hit with too many options when resorting to cyber advice for your beauty tips, techniques, or maybe the latest in beauty trends. It truly can become overwhelming and you’re often left with the question “Well, what looks best on me?”

Let’s look at a scenario that many can relate to. You can surf the cyber world and visit websites that focus just on beauty tips and fashion or maybe seek out your favorite online fashion magazine for fashion comfort. As you can see, clearly you have a wealth of information right at your finger tips. Seems like the best of both worlds right?
Although it’s nice to have access to a number of online resources, when looking for beauty tips, trends, and techniques, in truth you never really know what you will end up with? In many cases, much of the information you are reading over the internet is misguided information by those that just have a passion for the industry however, they have no technical or professional background to support their cyber advice. Sometimes this advice can be award winning but often times the beauty tips are truly off key and can result in an outcome that can become detrimental to your health or overall appearance.

When following the advice of any internet consultant, blogger or company make sure you cross check and fact find.

Research their credentials; see if they or the company have great reviews or recommendations. Find out why others are following them and their online beauty tips? Does the company practice their mission statement? Is the company pitching or advising? There are many ways to uncover Facts or Fictional advise.
So, while on your quest to uncover your beauty needs make sure that you uncover remedies, tips or fashion trends that are best suited for you and it’s advised from those knowledgeable in their field. How long have they been in the business? Are they licensed to even give you the form of advice in which you are receiving? Many of us forget that much of the advice given regarding esthetics related to health and beauty should be backed by licensed credentials. This is not always the case however, certainly something to think about?

When using the internet, it’s easy to find whatever you are looking for. A simple search could help direct you to any beauty website or it could even take you directly to what you were searching for? Maybe, you’re preparing for a wedding or competition and you want to know what the lasted fashion trend is however, you really want to learn what beauty tips will help identify what looks best on you?

As a reminder, it is important to proceed with caution and use your best judgment, especially with something important like beauty tips, products and application advice.

After all, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder!

xoxo Monet