“Say Yes to the Hair!” We’re in wedding season!

Brittany knows just how and what to do,  to get you there!!

Products Used:

Braid Aid

Fashion Waves 

Pureology’s Cuticle Polish 

Pureology’s Root Lift

Triple Take 32 

Pureology’s Strengthening Control 

We wanted to dive into Brittany’s background a little more and asked her a few questions:

How long have you been a stylist?

I have been doing hair for a year!

What are some of your goals as a newer stylist?

“Our salon is a Summit Salon, so after three months as a Fresh Talent, I am officially a Level 1 Stylist! My most immediate goal is to jump to a Level 2 within a year. I haven’t quite figured out my long-term goals, as in if I want to own a salon or be an educator. I think I’ll be able to figure those out as determine what kind of stylist I am and want to be. As for now, I am focusing on growing my clientele and always continuing my education!”

Best tip you would give to a newer stylist coming into the industry?

“The best tip I could give to someone new in the industry is don’t be offended. Be open to criticism, especially from your co-workers. They are around you the most and see how you work. We all know how hard it can be sometimes working with a bunch of big personalities in a little space. I promise they are coming to you with love and encouragement. We are in an industry that is always evolving, always changing. You need as much education as you can possibly get. So use your team. Soak in as much of their wisdom as you can. Not every stylist gets that. I was blessed with an amazing group of girls who are constantly trying to grow me and my craft. Find your tribe and love them!”

What advice would you give a new client if they were coming to sit in your chair for the first time? and Why?

“For any new guest- when you sit in my chair- always expect a consultation! I want to learn about you and your hair care needs. My top priority is the overall health and integrity of your hair. I always want to be sure your hair is at its best! “

You can find Brittany at:
Sorella Hair Studios

1860 Barnett Shoals Rd #410,

Athens, GA 30605

Phone: (706) 850-2751

Instagram:  @bwood10