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We are often asked as stylists how we learn a new technique before we explore the option of using such one on our clients. Only recently has it become more acceptable to share with the outside world the reality of our world using mannequins. Yes, we work on them, day in, and day out. Each one has a name, and more often than not, we refer to her by such. L 🙂 L…Not because we’re crazy but because each mannequin comes with different lengths of hair and hair level color. Also, finding the right tripod to fit them all can be a challenge of its own. That’s another subject we will write on later. But in short invest in the right tools. Bottom- line.

This time around we wanted to showcase mannequin work and how using one technique with different colors can yield different visual end results.


Level- 9/10


In both instances, Erika (mannequin name from PivotPoint) was pre-lightened with a full foil highlight with FlashLlift. All colors used were REDKEN City Beats and I’ll just use their names without that title ahead of them.

Red/ Orange

Shadow root with midtown magenta over the remaining level 6/7 base color of the mannequin.
Then I alternated diagonal sliced foils of Big Apple Red, West Village Sunset, Chelsea Coral, Yellow Cab, and midtown magenta.
I started by using BA Red in one slice, followed by BA Red and WV Sunsent in a slice side by side and blurred in the middle, then WV sunset, then Sunset and Coral side by side and so on until I went through the colors from darkest to lightest and then repeated until all of the hair was completed.
The nape section was also solid Midtown Magenta.

Blue/ Purple

Same technique as above using Broadway Blue as the shadow root and nape, then alternating Broadway blue, Brooklyn Blue, Times Square teal, Highline Green, and Indigo Skyline.


[question]Like many of us growing up in life.  Some are forced to grow out of our comfort zones due to life circumstance. Knowing Caitlin personally,  I asked her what’s the hardest thing a hairdresser has to face when relocating and what advice would you share from experience to someone that could be going through the same season of life? [/question]
The hardest thing as a relocated hairdresser has been kind of a two part-
  • First, it did take me more than one try to find a salon that was a good fit for me. It’s okay to not find a new home right away.
  • The second part to that is, no matter the amount of experience or education, you’re starting all the way over, and that goes for guest base as well as level, because in my case, I’m once again in a Summit Salon as I was previously in GA.

[question]We all long for mentors and I think its important to ask for advice when given the opportunity and so I asked Caitlin what was the best advice you ever received as a hairdresser?[/question]

Best advice I’ve received as a hairstylist after being told to keep pushing forward is probably to know my own worth. We can be so critical of ourselves and we knock ourselves back or let doubt creep in and that can affect so much, so stopping to regroup and remind myself that I have the skills and the courage and confidence that make me worth it is so important.

Fun Fact:

[question]Who’s your super hero and why?[/question]

My superhero, if we’re talking actual comic book super heroes is probably batman. He’s one of the guys that’s just that, he’s human. He has human judgement and makes human mistakes. He’s also someone that in public reality doesn’t always get expected to do much, but sometimes those people are the ones who do the most unexpected things. Arrow is a close second for the same reasons.

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