Lipstick + Cheeks = Blush

If you thought lipstick was only for your lips, then think again! Try applying it to your cheeks underneath your foundation! It will give you that apple smile 🙂 Makeup is not the only way to help you achieve a positive outlook on yourself. Here are 5 ways to have a daily positive attitude that will surely have you...

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Serving Up Chi Latte Fall Hair Color

Becky M. Sotillo It is with great pleasure and honor that I get the chance to feature this week’s Stylist Spotlight. Have you ever met someone where, with very few words exchanged, you genuinely recognize how amazing it is to watch God’s work when he brings people together for a greater purpose than the one you could have imagined? Well that holds true for the angelic soul, Becky Sotillo. To say we’re friends would be in understatement…more like sisters through Christ. We rarely see each other, but when we do somehow we manage to bring ideas into reality. As...

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Raspberry Red Hair Color Made for Fall

Natalie Lindholm When you get the opportunity to watch someone literally jump out of the nest to try and fly, and watch them do exactly that, words can’t begin to describe the level of gratitude you have for them. You know them well enough to know that jump was more than a jump. In fact, for some it could feel like career suicide. I would love to say I’m just kidding, but that’s not the case with this gentle soul. Needless to say, I personally know the next Stylist Spotlight we are featuring this week. Five years ago, I...

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5 Reasons You Ladies Don’t Want to Shave Your Face

The question that inspired this blog post: This is a fair question. So before anyone thinks that I’m going to attack the young lady that wrote this question or that I’m personally standing up touting how I’m trying to save the bunny with PETA…Sorry, wrong blog and wrong girl! As a lifestyle & business strategist with a focus in the beauty industry, my goal and intentions are always to lift people up and help individuals look at life through many different lenses. We will not always agree, but I’m a firm believer that it’s healthy to disagree. However, how...

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Color Correction Hair, How To Return Back To Natural

Issac Ulrich & Guy Tang We are beyond excited to showcase our second feature on Issac Ulrich as he shares with us how he achieved this beautiful earth toned brown, hair color correction.  If you’re anything like myself, your hair has seen more than 4 to 5 shades of the color palette within a 12 month period. Without a doubt, the term “virgin hair” has become an anomaly in today’s market. Even in an article written by Modern Salon noted in a survey done by P & G Beauty where they shared   “A survey among 2,000 women aged 15-75,...

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Shear Destiny Audio

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