Lipstick + Cheeks = Blush

If you thought lipstick was only for your lips, then think again! Try applying it to your cheeks underneath your foundation! It will give you that apple smile 🙂 Makeup is not the only way to help you achieve a positive outlook on yourself. Here are 5 ways to have a daily positive attitude that will surely have you...

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5 Reasons You Ladies Don’t Want to Shave Your Face

The question that inspired this blog post: This is a fair question. So before anyone thinks that I’m going to attack the young lady that wrote this question or that I’m personally standing up touting how I’m trying to save the bunny with PETA…Sorry, wrong blog and wrong girl! As a lifestyle & business strategist with a focus in the beauty industry, my goal and intentions are always to lift people up and help individuals look at life through many different lenses. We will not always agree, but I’m a firm believer that it’s healthy to disagree. However, how...

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Coconut Oil Pulling Actually Works

One of my clients brought this concept to my attention so of course I can’t take all the credit. However, when she did, I thought and asked myself [question]“Do any of our social media fan followers know about this unique teeth whitening process called “coconut oil pulling”?[/question] This was a first for me, but when I started to do my research I quickly learned that it’s not new at all. In fact, it’s an ancient remedy that offers more than just a bright smile. You may first be asking, what is “coconut oil pulling”? I will not only explain...

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Hard Boiled Egg Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge.. WTH???

Hi Everyone!  It’s me, Brit! Who would even consider using boiled eggs as a makeup sponge? WTHeck! At first, I couldn’t believe that this was even a trend. Even before the application process, I couldn’t help but think… WTHECK! That has got to smell! See, I love my boiled eggs. For me, they’re the perfect in-between snack. Not too filling, but just enough protein to give me enough pick-me-up. I bet you thought all I ate was nuts! However, I do have to admit I dread boiling them in the house, and then having them sit in the refrigerator waiting for me to...

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Seasons Change So Do Your Foundations

Switching foundation colors and can’t decide? Before you do so, remember it’s not how you swatch as much as where you swatch when trying to test colors. It’s always best to swatch on your jawline and your throat. Also, double check in natural sunlight for best results. Need a beauty blender to go with that foundation? Then we have the ideal tool for you to try! HARD BOILED EGG BEAUTY BLENDER MAKEUP SPONGE  Yes, this egg even after Easter is still...

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Shear Destiny Audio

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