Products used:

-Redken Pillow Proof Primer
-Redken Guts at the roots for volume
-Redken Velvet Gelatin to smooth the hair
-Redken Iron Shape for heat styling


Base: Equal parts 3N and 4N Redken Chromatics with 10 volume developer

Balayage Ombré with Redken Flash Lift and 30 volume Pro-oxide

Fashion colors: Pravana Red and Yellow

Can you believe that this young talent has been behind the chair for less then one year!!!!

We all find inspiration from many different places. For example; museums, parks, even music videos. However, the millennial generation turn to ‘Social’!

Celeste shares with us the “why” behind the social phenomenon.

“I find most of my inspiration through social media. I’m always on Instagram and YouTube finding new trends, application techniques, formulations, and color combinations. I love discovering new tricks and implementing them into my work to expand my skill set.”

If you’re looking for a fresh new adventurous stylist? You can find Celeste at:

Arbor Salon

1155 Mitchell Bridge Rd,
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 543-2418

Instagram @Celeste_ArborSalon