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One of my clients brought this concept to my attention so of course, I can’t take all the credit. However, when she did, I thought and asked myself

“Do any of our social media fan followers know about this unique teeth whitening process called “coconut oil pulling”?

This was a first for me, but when I started to do my research I quickly learned that it’s not new at all. In fact, it’s an ancient remedy that offers more than just a bright smile.

You may first be asking, what is “coconut oil pulling”? I will not only explain what it is but also discuss the health and physical benefits of this concept. If you know me or just learning about me, I’m a believer of the old adage “Beauty starts from within”. So with that said, let’s take this journey into the simplest format of working from the inside, out.

“Oil pulling” is an ancient remedy that uses natural substances like coconut oil to clean and detoxify the teeth and gums. It’s been said that it’s even beneficial in improving gum tissue and removing harmful bacteria. If you were trying to figure it out by the name alone, the process of oil pulling is a lot simpler process than one would think.

But Dr. Mercola gives us a more technical breakdown to this ancient remedy 🙂 .

Simply place 1-2 teaspoons (children would use less) of coconut oil into your mouth and make a pulling swishing motion through the teeth (Do NOT gargle or swallow) for about 20 minutes. I know, you may be thinking: 20 minutes? That’s a long time! I thought the same, so my advice to the ladies would be to do this while you’re doing your makeup or hair; and men, you could do this while you’re shaving or showering, so that you’re literally distracted. Twenty minutes later, once it has mixed well with your saliva, the coconut oil should be milky. Then simply spit it out and rinse your mouth with a nice glass of warm water. Once you’ve completed that process then brush your teeth like normal. If at first, you can’t handle 20 minutes, you can start with 10 minutes and work your way up, though 20 minutes has been shown to be the most beneficial.

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WARNING! Do not spit the coconut oil into your sink unless you want to chase it with Drano. IT WILL CLOG your sink over time. It is best to spit it out into a lined garbage can, or in the shower or toilet.

By doing this 20 minute process daily, you’re attacking thousands of different types of bacteria your mouth carries. One of the more common bacteria’s is Streptococcus Mutans. According to Wikipedia: “Streptococcus Mutans which is facultatively anaerobic, Gram-positive coccus-shaped bacterium commonly found in the human oral cavity and is a significant contributor to tooth decay.” OMG, who wants to lose their teeth? Oil Pulling sounds like a winner to me already!

coconut oilAs we all know, not all bacteria are bad for you but rest assured the ones being pulled out through this process are actually helping remove the plaque buildup that’s typically created in your mouth through these different forms of harmful bacteria.

Through this process, when you’re mixing the oil around in your mouth the bacteria is sticking to the oil, which also helps promote fresh breath simply by removing the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath. Yup, swish, swish, and away!

The most noticeable added benefit for most will be the whiter and brighter smile you benefit from over time. Yes, this is also a more natural process of teeth whitening. If you’re anything like me, I looked at this concept as a gold mine.

So, as you see, “coconut pulling” not only can help prevent tooth decay and promote healthier gums by reducing the bacteria in the mouth, it can also give you those pearly whites many spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to achieve.

You can “oil pull” using just about any kind of oil, provided it’s a high-quality type of “organic oil”. Cold pressed is even better since heating oil can break down its beneficial properties. Since I love coconuts, I, of course, opted for the coconut oil.

If you haven’t tried this process then give it a 90 day go, and let me know what your results look and feel like.

There’s also one other oil you’ll want to be sure to check out and that’s MCT oil. You’ll be amazed to learn the many the benefits it truly has to offer.

After all, your smile is worth a million bucks! If you’re looking for more home beauty remedies then definitely check out the egg makeup blender. This trend is going viral!