Color melting is without a doubt one of the most underestimated hair color techniques out there. If you are not familiar with the coloring process Matrix does an excellent job explaining the technique as well as offering a variety of color melting pallets 

Of course with the overwhelming response to my new hair color, I wanted to talk about the color melting formula I had done with Erin Jubril as we feature her in this weeks Stylist Spotlight,  because it offers the perfect segue to understanding why I love using color extractors. Clearly, like hairstylists, we are always pushing the envelope. Trying new color lines, products, and techniques like color melting.



Before my color approach to this color melting process with Erin, we DID NOT do a color extractor for TESTING PURPOSES. So, I bet you’re wondering what my hair color looked like before? Ok, in all fairness I have to share the before so we can paint the right picture. Now understand. Even before this image, my hair had been lifted to blonde level 9/10 and then back to dark 🙂 So by now I hope you get the picture. I’m your typical nightmare client l 🙂 l . Who always wants healthy hair after a coloring process 🙁

[disclaim]Below was her magic color melting formulation![/disclaim]

color melting


Formula: Zone 1: CHROMATICS 3N with 20vol

Balayage with Flash Lift and 40 volume = parts with Olaplex

All over gloss: color melt Zone 1: and 2 SEQ 06T.

Zone 3:  09N

Treated with Olaplex number 2 after and Pureology Smooth Perfection haircare.

Primed the hair with Colour Fanatic 22 Benefits spray and I used intense smoothing cream and shaping control gel from smooth perfection as well.

If you understand Oil Delivery color lines. You understand how difficult it can be to remove the color. If you’re a brunette and hate that your brown tends to go flat or maybe you’re a red head that feels like your red color fades too fast. Then Chromatics is your GO TO!  Before Erin created this masterpiece. I had been using Chromatics on my base touch ups, and Shades Cream or Shades Gloss as a refresh/toner on my ends. Regardless though.  Even in a Demi or Non-Ammoniated color, depending on how porous the hair is. It can still grab and go darker. So while even using Flash Lift 40 Volume and 5 hrs later (the time it took to process all my hair).  The lightest we are going to get my hair at the ends were what you see above. Which I thought would be the case. Remember I’m a REDKEN Certified Colorist that’s always willing to learn something new. I have to be honest; I waschromatics_redken fascinated by this!!

Erin had done my hair once more after this, and again we didn’t color extract the artificial color before the process and 5 hours later using a Babylights technique as well as Balayage. I wasn’t refreshing anything in-between and it was about 7 months later. Therefor much of the color faded out on the ends . This time Flashlight 30 Volume (Side Note: we ran out of Flash Lift and then had to use another lighter, Free Lights from Wella) and the result were still the same, so it wasn’t a REDKEN Lighter issue (before you come to that conclusion)

So I accepted that I had so much color build up on my hair coupled with the fact that I’m at a level 2 naturally and its always been difficult to lift my hair and let’s not forget how porous my hair is by now. Not to mention that every technique including color melting was now done on my hair.  So, reality set in and I had to accept that I couldn’t go back to blonde again 🙁 . Which meant that my purple obsession was going to turn into a Kylie Jenner moment.  I was simply going to start creating wigs like Tokyo Stylez, so I could REALLY have fun. (True story and still one of my goals 🙂  you can read about the honest discovery I wrote about Kylie’s hair here 🙂  

But then, there was my crazy thought about cutting my hair off. So who cared if I put my hair through yet one more test to see if the color extractor could do what it did in the past when I ran up against this same challenge.color melting

As you can see,  Erin is an excellent hairstylist and former REDKEN Educator. In fact, someone I’ve also had the privilege of calling a mentor as well as a business woman and mother that I greatly respect. Even as an educator myself we both knew what could or could not happen. We walked through the process together brainstorming my hairs color history and solutions to the problem had I been a real client. Why? Because we understand the very challenges stylists get with their clients. Just because one process works with one client doesn’t mean it will work with the next. So as educators we have to speak truth into each scenario. Which is WHY it is very IMPORTANT to keep an open mind to other products that might just be able to help achieve what you are looking for. Even if your go to, is a particular brand. Remember your responsibility is to serve to the best of your ability. Which means, in every way possible.

I asked Erin what advice she would give a stylist who was looking for a place to start their career and here is what she had to say.

“My advice regarding a stylist looking for a home to begin their career is to be very clear in what it is they want for themselves. Do you want to just show up to your job and turn out some cool hair and leave or are you looking for a career, a place that is committed to teamwork and personal development.  Depending on your answer depends on what type of salon you should be a part of.  It’s very important to get real clear on that before interviewing.  A lot of new stylists say they’re looking for a salon that is focused on continuing education and opportunities outside just working behind the chair, but only a select few actually mean it when the rubber hits the road.  So if that is you then do your research. Look for salons that are level based and have systems in place that help you reach goals and in return get promoted. Look for salons with strong relationships to brands that support them. Look for salons that encourage you, support you, push you, challenge you.  If that’s not you, it’s not bad, it’s just not your gig. So don’t set yourself up to fail. Be honest with yourself and choose a salon that better suits you.  But if you truly want major success in the industry you have to ALWAYS challenge yourself and surround yourself with people who will be honest with you and hold you accountable.”

I’m a firm believer in supporting those that support myself, my dreams and my ambitions.

You’re about to launch a new program and we want to learn more about it. PLEASE SHARE 🙂 !!!!

The Heart of a Hairdresser is a platform to Inspire others to courageously follow their bliss. I will be vlogging, blogging, hosting and creating online workshops and programs to encourage others to use their fear as fuel. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams and be unafraid to boldly tap into their fullest God-given potential.

I’m so proud to share with you, that Erin launched  “The Heart of a Hairdresser” 12 days after my Shear Destiny’s book launch event on June 23rd where she so graciously spoke as a guest speaker. In the video below she shares even more about The Heart of a Hairdresser and our journey and industry mission together.

If education is your passion (as it is mine) I say go after it!  I believe we are all here to lift each other up and raise the vibration of the planet. And self-care and personal responsibility are a pre-requisite to inspiring others to go after their dreams. You can only LOVE others to the degree you love yourself.  With that being said, if you are aspiring to be an educator as a means to fulfill self-acceptance or approval it will show up as inauthentic.  So first and foremost give YOURSELF what you are searching for. Self-Mastery is the name of the game.  When you give from your FULL CUP you can do NO wrong. Your sharing will be so infections that others will be drawn to what you have to offer.

What would you say is the most difficult thing to overcome as a teacher to those that are associates working under you in a salon?

The beginning stages of working with a new associate has been the most challenging for me.  When you have become accustomed to working with an associate that can see 5 steps ahead and is truly a partner to you or an extension of you it can slow your pace down when it’s time to train a newbie.

If you’re looking for a new stylist you can find Erin in two locations 🙂 that’s right! This is one woman that’s on the move 🙂 So, if you’re in Georgia or Indiana you can book with this Super Star at the following locations!


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