hair-stylist- grace-o'byrneWe are so honored to feature our newest Stylist Spotlight contributor Grace O’Bryne. This young lady comes packed with a punch. With her resume growing each day from Motherhood, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Student and now adding on to an already full load come June 1st, 2017. She will be the proud owner of Gypsy Rose Salon.

The internet is such a fantastic tool, and it allows us the opportunity to connect with others that we would not have been able to so easily without it. Grace and I connected on Facebook back in January of 2017 and while month after month watching her posts. Me “Liking” hers and her “Liking” mine. I knew I wanted to connect on a much deeper level and more than a Facebook “Like”

I think it’s important to connect with like minded people. Find ways to support each other. Especially, when you feel that their brand messaging and moral family values mirror your own.

Grace O'byrne son working


Unicorn Hair Color:unicorn hair color

Knowing how popular unicorn hair color is today. I wanted to showcase Grace’s work this week. She shares with us which professional hair colors she used to achieve this look.


Roots are Joico Intensity, Silver is Matrix Color Sync 21g 10P + 2g 1A + 2g 5VV + 25g 10Vol Universal, process until silver.

Hairdresser Confessions:

I think it’s interesting when you can get a glimpse into another hairdressers world. In truth, I often feel that no other hair stylist gets asked the kind of questions I often am. But I have to admit. When I asked Grace the following question. I said, hmmm… She just may have me beat!

[question]What is the craziest thing a client has ever asked you as a stylist? Personally and Professionally.[/question]

I’ve been asked to help style a horse and owners hair to match for a photo shoot.

(PS if you read this I’m still interested) 🙂

Growing as a Hairdresser:

We all have a journey and as hairdressers trying to grow in our respective career paths. It’s important to learn how to take the good with the bad. Being an entrepreneur is never easy. Even if you’re a hairstylist working for someone, you should still consider yourself as an entrepreneur. Your business growth will always be contingent on more than 80% of your individual efforts. Which is something I address candidly in my new book Shear Destiny: 50 Ways to Map Out Your Career and Win!

[question]What was the most valuable lesson 2016 taught you as a hairdresser that helped propel you into 2017?[/question]

2016 taught me how important it is to be humble in this industry and take care of the people that take care of you. After a series of unfortunate events that left my team and I with no salon to call home, I’ve chosen to open my very own salon.

Gypsy Rose will be opening June 1st 2017 in Monroe WA, with the sole purpose of making sure my people, my team (present and future) feels they have a safe place to create and be themselves, where they can feel comfortable and confident in their career, and know I will forever take good care of them and have their backs.

New Hair Stylists & Staff Needed:

Grace Obyrne facebook Post

Gypsy Rose is in full swing and looking for talented hair stylists with (great work ethic)!!

If you’re looking for a new beginning, then Gypsy Rose is the place you want to go!

Gypsy Rose Salon (Opening 6/1/2017)

102 E Main St Suite 7 Monroe WA 98272

Text (206)765-7757 to schedule.
Instagram handle @QueenOhGee

Website is in progress, in the meantime, you can find us on  Facebook

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