Pulp Fiction? No! It’s Pulp Riot! I can remember when Skittles candy was the BOMB dot.com!! Was it the candy flavor that got us all excited or the vibrant array of colors?? When I saw this trend starting to take flight, I knew we needed to showcase Haley as our next Stylist Spotlight feature!

This young ladies creative drive and spunky style is something to admire. Continue reading and you too will be amazed to learn how she DOESN’T just speak her thoughts and dreams into existence. She actually maps them out by way of #sheardestiny!

Formula 1: (Her OWN hair image above)

Started on level 9 hair. I split hair straight down the middle and separated creating 2 pigtails.

For the first half, I combined Pulp Riot Nightfall and Pulp Riot Powder and began at the new growth and blended down about an inch to inch and a half. Continuing downward.  I then used Pulp Riot Lemon with 3 dots of Pulp Riot Aquatic to create a lime green(Mid-Shaft). Lastly on the ends I used pulp riot lemon alone which blended with previous color melt section.

Second Half section I used Pulp Riot Jam with 3 dots Pulp Riot Night Fall, following same technique I used Pulp Riot Cupid (Mid-shaft) lastly Pulp Riot Fireball on the ends.
Pulp Riot Nightfall
PR – Powder
PR – Aquatic
PR – Lemon
PR – Jam
PR – Cupid
PR –  Fireball

Formula 2: (Client)

My Client was Looking for natural Highlights with a hidden rainbow look.

I started with using Redken Flash Lift 30 Vol on a back section I pulled out for the rainbow.

I then used Redken Flash Lift with 20 vol for highlights. Processed and toned with Shades EQ 9P. No conditioner I dried back section and created the rainbow.

Pulp Riot Fireball
Pulp Riot Fireball/ Pravana (chromaSilk vivids) yellow
Pravana Yellow
Pravana Green
Pravana Blue
Pulp Riot Velvet/Pulp Riot Jam
Pulp Riot Blush/Pulp Riot Fireball/ 1 dot Pulp Riot Jam

Of course if you know me, I wanted to get a bit more up close and personal with this young powerhouse to see what makes her tick and here is what she said:

[question]What inspired you to do these looks:[/question]

Formula 1:

“I was inspired by Guy Tang for Rainbow hair look for myself. I always like stepping out of the box and creating different yet fun looks.”

Formula 2:

“My client was inspired for her first time with a vivid look. After consultation, we decided to create a hidden rainbow look for fun while also keeping her conservative. A little step out of the box was just what she needed and left happy!”

[question]How important is having a mentor to you and how do you seek one out?[/question]

Having a mentor is extremely important to me. I love to grow and learn every day. Having a mentor to go to when I don’t understand something or I need help, helps me to continue my journey of learning and become the best me I can. I want to be able to ask questions and not feel dumbed down because I’m unsure of the answers. Knowledge is power. Having someone believe in you and push you to be your best has been the best thing for my career. My mentoring really started with boss Andrew Pietz because he is constantly pushing me to be better and has always answered every question I bring him! I find my mentors in many ways, whether it be my boss, co-workers, or social media. I find the best in all of it. If I can take just one thing from the many people I meet or shows I go to, that is the best way to continue to grow and learn.

Funniest thing a client ever said to you?

“I have a lot of laughter with my clients, but one of the things that always makes me laugh is when they ask me “You’re not going dye my hair blue right?” I have vivid colors in my hair so many of them ask.”

Seeking greatness while mapping out your dreams

Haley is an excellent example of what it means to keep searching for answers to help you succeed in your career. I will Shear Destiny Mappingpersonally never forget when the ebook version of Shear Destiny: 50 Ways to Map Out Your Career & Win first hit Amazon back in March of this year.  I had received a private FB message from Haley sometime in April. She was one of the first that had taken my words from the book and turned them into a REAL LIFE prototype of HER dreams. For the first time, I could physically see my vision map out someone elses. Wow! It inspired me that much more to keep working that much harder for the better good of someones else’s destiny!!! Just one of the many activities in the book that you too can learn from!

So, if you are in the South Carolina area, please do reach out to this young Super Star for your next appointment!

Blow The Hair Bar

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Bluffton, SC 29910
Phone: 843-338-3856
Website: https://www.blowthehairbar.com/
IG: @hmskittles

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