Whoever said, pastel hair color was ONLY for women was DEAD WRONG! Issac has the SWAAAGGGGERRR touch with his clients as he takes us through his clients process.


For Step 1:

I did horizontal/diagonal weave slices on the top of the head with Flash Lift and 40 vol Pro-Oxide under the ozonator for 8 min.

Step 2:

Covered the top with Pravana Lavender with a drop of Pravana Violet for depth. Air process for 35 min.

Step 3:

Glazed with equal parts Shades 09P and Clear. This hair processed for 15 min.

Products Used:

Pureology Perfect for Platinum Shampoo & Strength Cure Condtioner

To style the hair, I prepped with Redkens Glow Dry Diamond Oil. Then I layered the Pillow Proof Spray, Anti-Snap, Colour Fanatic, and Full Frame 07. I finished it off with Rewind 06 for texture and shine, and Triple Take 32 for hold.

Like most clients, we want to know more about our stylist. How long they’ve been in the business. What more do they aspire to achieve and what great advice they would give their younger self. Well, here Issac shares all of that with us.

“I have been a licensed stylist for almost 8 years. My future goals include becoming a Redken Artist, part of my education team for Aura Hair & Makeup, and possibly a salon owner. In addition to working Fashion Week and GQ Magazine both as a hair and makeup artist.

If I could give a new stylist any hot tips, I would tell them to find a salon that they fit in, and stay there. I would also tell them to make sure to continue their education. This industry is constantly changing and growing, and as soon as you stop learning, you stop growing. Don’t give up. It’s a tough industry, but if you are passionate about it, stick with it. Coal has to undergo extreme pressure to make diamonds, so when it gets tough, I just remember that I’m making diamonds.”

If you’re looking for a new stylist with swagger, look no more  you can find Issac at:

Aura Salon :

5905 Atlanta Hwy
Alpharetta, GA. 30004

Instagram: @issaculrich8