I love working in film. What can I say, I find myself doing more than acting sometimes :). Yes, I promise it’s me in it and I get pretty banged up in the process! Welcome to Monet’s World!

I can’t help but laugh when I think back on this time. I had applied for a makeup set job. But then a friend of mine that I knew in fitness had to back out (of the stunt role she was hired for in this video initially) and asked if I was available. Let’s just say, when I found out it paid more, I became available. lol…..

I also remember it taking forever for them to curl my hair into tight curls for my scene. ONLY to have it washed away when they said “ACTION”!!!!

I have to admit though; I had a great time working with Nelly and his production team . I even got the opportunity to have some of my friends hang on set with me.

Having had the opportunity to work both on camera and behind the scenes as a makeup and hairstylists has given me this balanced approach to the beauty industry which I  talk about in more detail in Shear Destiny.  Dare to become the success you want to be.  Learn from someone who has been there and willing to hold your hand to help map our your career in the beauty industry!