Here is why I say “Money can do a lot of things. But it can’t buy happiness”

Two years ago, on December 8, I was in NYC to close out one of my biggest journeys in the world of haircare. This venture, as you can read in the caption, came with a lot of sacrifices but had run its course. It was nothing short of a God sent blessing that the chapter was coming to an end and a new chapter was about to begin. This is why I wrote what I did when I walked out of the Redken NYC office for the last time in my career. Many around me were in despair. They were afraid of what was next. Did the journey continue or was it the end for them? For me, I knew it was just the beginning. Was I afraid to make the jump 100% into entrepreneurship again? Of course, I was! But I knew nothing was going to work out for me if I didn’t.

Many sat back and watched over the 2 years to see what the outcome would be…

Well, I’m happy to report that I’m still standing😀 !

While the 1st year began with two life-threatening situations for some family members, I was able to be by both of their sides and not on the road as usual. I was able to be there for my daughter in one of her and her husband’s darkest hours, even when I didn’t feel like I was doing enough. There is nothing more crippling when you as a parent can’t take away your own child’s pain. However, knowing that I was literally only a phone call away gave me comfort. I could jump in my car and drive to where they were in a few minutes, not worrying whether or not I needed to catch the next flight out.

Something money can’t buy…..

I have been able to keep an eye on my grandson almost every Wednesday since he has been out of NICCU and he is now 2 years old 😀.

Time so precious that money can’t buy…….

I attended my first Human Sex-Trafficking Lobby Day and starting working towards something I was very passionate about (while facing my own past). Along the journey, I have been surrounded by MANY sisters in Christ. At my first book launch, I was honored to have Bob Rogers CEO from Street Grace, Charmain Davis (my bible study teacher From Dr Charles Stanley’s Church), Tara Miller (owner) from Aura Hair & Makeup, as well as all the stylists and fans who traveled near and far either to attend or publically speak. I’m grateful to all those who were involved in bringing this event together, which yielded over 100 attendees! For a book 🙂 event.

Relationships money can’t buy….

From that event, we raised enough money to create Shades of Monet’s first initiative product. It would go on to help take 300 children trapped in sex -trafficking off the streets which would not have been possible without the help of God, and all those who believed in my vision.

Becky M. Sotillo creating our first bracelet for our Shear Destiny brand

Becky M. Sotillo creating our first bracelet for our Shear Destiny brand

Shades of Monet even collaborated with Mai Creativity as they created and sponsored 100 bracelets to help ensure that this event was a success!!!

YES! My little book DID THAT!!!! Not without having the right people in my life to help me achieve it, though!!

But it didn’t stop there. I had 80 additional books signed and purchased by attendees that went out to 80 cosmetology students that year…


Not to mention the Audible book version launched in 2018 with the help and collaboration of Savvy Entertainment!

Since launching my first published book in June of 2017, I literally sold out on Amazon over 5 TIMES!!!

I took another leap of faith and decided to jump back into the entertainment world once again. Listen, truth be told, if you are a performer you never lose the itch of performing.

So I did just that and landing my first Online TV gig (it was small, but a start 😉).  Here we are full circle and even though I lost my father last year on May 1st, 2018. I still made it to the finish line as we prepare to launch our second product in two years on May 6th, 2019. The “IT” Factor Master Class!!! Where I get to help ALL entrepreneurs and working moms do more of what they love 💜 without boundaries!

So, I sit here with the utmost humility and gratitude to give thanks where it is needed …

Thank you REDKEN for all that you have done, literally, from the beginning to the end! As well as our initial students that went through what I call my “UGLY ROUGH DRAFT” pilot course launch of the “IT” Factor Master Class. These students watched how a product goes from “concept” to “launch” firsthand!

These accomplishments are not to brag but to share that when one door needs to close…


Live with “Purpose & Intention”

I made friends for a lifetime, but remember time is not something you can buy. So don’t let it slip through your fingers like sand would if it were in the palm of your hands.

You’ll only be left saying, “What if I coulda shoulda woulda?”

This journey isn’t easy, but so far it has been extremely rewarding and has given me so much that I feel like a millionaire already.

I love watching what Shades of Monet does as a brand to help others grow and achieve their dreams.

Remember, Chapter 2 is your story titled “Above the Line”

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