Agonizing as it may be to wake up to a zit that just wasn’t there the night before, women everywhere can admit to having one too many of ‘just one of those days’. No stranger to this, I often find myself caught in the ‘one of those days’ rut as well. Of course, on such occasions, an ego boost or self-esteem shot would go great with morning coffee, but how? A wise person once said “A little goes a long way”, and they hit the mark exactly! Making the most of minimal makeup is all it really takes to enhance your natural features, playing up what you want to, and well… playing down the zit that came out of nowhere or maybe the eye bags that appeared after a long night yesterday.

The trick of the trade is as simple as the technique itself; when applying makeup, whatever the product, it is best to choose one feature which you will focus your efforts on. Makeup is not meant to mask. By true purpose, cosmetics, contrastingly, are meant to enhance a woman’s natural beauty – a means of playing up the best and making it even better! As far as makeup goes, less is always more, which is why there is only a shot of “self-esteem” in the morning coffee analogy. An expert in the field for fourteen plus years, I can vouch for one fool proof tip that will do the trick. Whether what you had in mind was the classic red lip look, or what you were going for was eyeliner to make your eyes pop, remember, that easy really does do it. The key lies in being able to make the most of a minimum, pronouncing just one feature without overdoing it.

A little eye makeup for example, will have your eyes speaking volumes without saying much at all. With eye makeup, there are a number of different statements to be made, depending on how and what products one uses to accentuate and enhance the eyes. The options are wide-ranging, from choosing a light pigmented eye shadow to lengthening lashes, to even dramatically lining eyes with pencils. To brighten up blue eyes for example, a little violet colour applied to the top crease of your eye area is the perfect accent. Even going green with envy is a good look… at least as far as eye makeup goes! Eye pencils in shades of green and taupe complement already green eyes. Playing with shades of purple are most well suited on dark skinned women. By simply lining eyes with berry or purple pencils, women of darker complexions can make stellar statements, all the while brightening natural eye colors. Rather than thin hard lines of liner, try instead the soft and smoky look. Opt for neutral colours and to actually line the eye, a black or charcoal pencil to give eyes that pop! Of course, if the issue at hand is droopy lids and an espresso shot of whatever it may be in your morning coffee isn’t enough; let me be the one to tell you that it doesn’t take a lot to give lids a lift! The easiest way to minimize the appearance of droopy eyelids is to add an eye shadow color. The correct way to do this, so as to lift up lids, is to start from the outer corner, into the center and then blend over the bone without going higher than the crease itself.

Your lips are another feature of your face that you may want to focus on. If this is the case, there again, avail numerous options for whatever it is that you are going for. One good idea is the flesh coloured nude lip, which will give the appearance of a natural look. If you dare to go bare and barely there with your lipstick look, try using a light brown lip liner to outline your lips lightly. To the inside of the lip area, apply a clear gloss and rub together.

Remember that however, whatever, and whichever way you choose and apply your products, it doesn’t take much more than a little to brighten and boost. Having “just one of those days”? It’s okay if you need a little confidence boost! If you’re like me and the morning coffee isn’t cutting it, maximize your makeup and your mood. Play up what you like and play down what you’re just not feeling, whether it is the surprise blemish or the droopy eyelid… you’re allowed to have ‘one of those days’ once in a while!

By Monet Colbert

CEO / Founder of Shades of Monet Cosmetics