stylists spotlight (1)Pastel hair color trends are going nowhere anytime soon. In fact, as a professional hair stylist while perusing through Targét 🙂 the other day.  I noticed the dreaded L’Oreal Pastel box color that professional hairstylists are cringing at the teeth about.  Personally, I have no issue with box color as many do in my profession. Simply because as soon as it goes wrong for the DIY home colorist, it immediately becomes  a color correction. So what may have seemed like a cost effective process ultimately goes from a $5.00 DIY home service to an $85.00 per hour hair color correction in my salon. Yielding at a minimum of 3 hrs to start and will not be an overnight fix.  So in other words, if you are a consumer reading this.

[warning]PROCEED with CAUTION[/warning]

So when I finally saw the actual box, I thought to myself ching $ ching $  THANK YOU  L’Oreal!! More clients will soon be in my chair to correct this too! There are some color jobs you can do at home that are less complicated for sure. But trends like Pastels, Sombre, Balayage or Baby-lights. Well, there is no other way to put it other than to simply say “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME”

In truth, to be able to yield the right pastel canvas the hair has to be lifted to a pale yellow. Ultimately that means to a Level 10 and above. Someone like myself who’s dying to have light purple hair (oooh and I’m a rare Natural Level 3 in the front but a Level 2 in the back and sad to say 🙁 15% gray in the crown area now) who is a professional REDKEN Certified Colorist as well as former REDKEN Artistic Educator. I’m someone who understands that it’s not always possible to lift someone like myself to that level while maintaining the integrity of the hair.

In fact, stay tuned as we are going to do a step by step process illustrating what this looks like using myself as an example as we get ready to ramp up our “Get the Look” segments on this site with one of my International L’ANZA Colorist friends Alicia Marcano from Salon Bloom.

In the meanwhile, we are featuring Aura Hair & Makeup salon Master Stylists Nicole McMinn again because her eye for pastels and the formulation process is one that is unique and VERY realistic when it comes to the overall process. Also, pay close attention to the “TREATMENTS” she is using during the process. These treatments will NOT be found in your DIY box 🙁

Formula:Nicole Mcminn_2

Andi is a natural Level 8 with previous highlights

Redken Shades EQ Gloss & Color Fusion was used

  • First step was to babylight her stands all over with Flash
    Lift+10 Volume+1/16 Olaplex #1
  • In between the foils root her with Shades EQ Gloss 8V & Processing Solution
  • After 20 min rinse & towel Dry
  • Glaze formula – 20grams 9Rv + 10grams Clear + 5grams 12Av + 1gram     R Hi-Fusion + 36grams 10 Volume.
  • Apply at random through mids & ends, process for 20 minutes
  • Step 2 Olaplex for 10 minutes
  • Shampoo & Condition with Pureology perfect for Platinum

I love it when a stylist can be HONEST and transparent when it comes to relationships with clients. Right or wrong there is no perfect world and not always is a client nor stylists suited for each other.

[question]What was one of the hardest things you had to say to a client? [/question]

The hardest thing I’ve had to tell a client is that I didn’t think
anything I did was going to make them happy and that I could recommend another stylist in the salon. I of course want all of my clients to love their looks and there might be someone else that she would click with better that can make her happy. I want it to be a ‘win win’.

[question]Being a Co-Owner of a salon. What advice would you have given your younger self before going into salon ownership?[/question]

Shear Destiny
Book Launch Event

aaah…. this is a tough one! I became a partner of Aura Hair & Makeup when I was 23 and since then we have expanded from a small 6 chair salon to a split shift 12 chair salon with spa services. I would say that when we were a smaller salon I didn’t quite believe in myself that I could be a part of something bigger and as I found my voice as we grew I realized I had it in me all along.

[question]Funniest mommy moment?[/question]

OMG… this question, I know there are MANY funny moments to come! My son
is almost 2 and quite the character already! I guess he gets it honestly! I
guess one of my funny moments was right when he was born…I have medium
toned skin & dark hair… My child was born fair as could be with a red
mullet. No joke!  Of course, the hairstylists baby was born with crazy hair!

Aura Hair & Makeup salon is on the rise as they are ramping up to open up Aura Academy coming this fall!!! If you are in the Georgia Atlanta area and looking for a salon to grow with. Nicole is a great example of what it means to connect with a salon that will help you achieve your dreams. What started out as a 6 chair salon has now expanded to two locations with a 3rd on its way as well as an Academy!

Lets take the right steps together!

If you’re in the Roswell, GA. area shes only a booking appointment away and would love to work with you at their NEW location.

Give her a call!!

You can find Nicole at:

Aura Salon :

7878 Roswell Rd.

Sandy Springs, GA. 30350


Instagram: @Nicole_Auracolorist