Nikki Buchicchio

Featured Stylist: Nikki Buchicchio

Let’s be honest, Pulp Riot nailed this tagline for every obsessed vivid hair fashion colorist out there!

From coast to coast this newly launched color line has been winning the hearts of colorist like Nikki Buchicchio left and right.

I reached out to Nikki to feature as one of Stylist Spotlight contributors because her branding caught my eye.  Having lived in South Florida for many years personally and knowing just how conservative the West Palm Beach, Florida market can be. I found it interesting that Nikki figured out a way to brand herself as a “Unicorn Hair Color Specialist” and is growing FAST I must add and age is NO factor when it comes to this young ladies paint palette!

One could interrupt the words “Unicorn Specialist” in many ways.  For example,

hair_by_Nikki Buchicchio_ hair_shades_of_monet_1

Hair By: Nikki Buchicchio

is she a majestic or a pastel, fantasy hair colorist?  While that could very well fit her brand description.   Someone else could argue that she is stating that she’s a unique artist.

I’m sure that by viewing her profile and reading her interview.  You too, will agree that her brand messaging is on point and in fact, she really is a real unicorn 🙂 .

Before we get up close and personal with Nikki lets first discuss this masterpiece she created on this canvas we get to call 🙂 hair!

hair_by_Nikki Buchicchio_ hair_shades_of_monet_3

Hair By: Nikki Buchicchio


Pre-lighten the hair to level 9-10.
Olaplex is used in all my direct dyes.
Shadow Root: Pulp Riot color Jam × Cupid mixed.
Iridescent Blue: Pulp Riot Aquatic × Joico Intensity Confetti Sky.
Violet: Pulp Riot Velvet × Joico Intensity Lilac
Pink: Pulp Riot Blush × Cupid

When I color there is no method to my madness. Everything is very visual, I want it look authentic and meant for the client. The end goal for this one was to look as much as an iridescent unicorn as possible!!

Products Used:



While the hair was wet I used Keracolor leave-in conditioner and Amika’s blowout bombshell spray.

For the curls after blow-drying I used AG’s tousled texture spray which is great for a little bit of hold and shine and Hot Tools 1″ inch curling iron. And to finish it off a little bit Amika’s undone texture spray to break up the curls in without leaving it crunchy.

Up-close and personal with Nikki:

What would you say has been one of your biggest challenges as a

My workaholic mentality that doesn’t allow me to relax, haha. I’m constantly trying to educate myself, find new techniques and what’s coming out for the year. It’s a struggle for me because I never “turn off” from work. I’m still learning how to do that.

I have to say, many of us struggle with this which is why I feel that tracking your success daily will also help keep reality in check. Sometimes we are so busy that we can’t even see our progress. However, having a daily progress report will help keep you in alignment with work, life balance. Remember numbers don’t lie. In fact, they uncover the truth.

[question]What is your 5 year plan?[/question]

To make everyone a unicorn! Haha. I never think that far ahead — because I didn’t think I would be where I am today in 4 years to be honest. I had no idea that I would be able to make people unicorns in such a short amount of time and own my own business. Sadly, I can’t answer that truthfully.

crayola crayons

Let’s color the world beautiful together!

[question]If you could change one thing about the beauty industry what would  that be?[/question]

I don’t think I could list just one! Less popularity contests, less being “bought out” by brands, more belief in the brands that have values and stand behind their word. And definitely more cruelty free products!

[question]If you were a Cr­ayola Crayon what co­lor would you be and why?[/question]

Purple! I feel purple is such a versatile color where it can nearly suit any skin tone by simply adjusting the warmth or coolness in it.

Shear Destiny: 50 Ways to Map Out Your Career & Win!!

I’m sure that you would agree that this young spirit has a way of making you remember what it was like to just imagine. Her limitless and fearlessness but yet intent to be purposeful are the very things that will keep this ‘STAR’ shining bright.

So if you’re in the West Palm Beach area, Nikki is ready to help you let your imagination run free.

Nikki the Hair Artist
101 North Clematis st, suite #124
West Palm Beach, FL, 33401
561 412-5360    @nikkibuchicchio