Why Use Instagram in Your Industry?

For someone who is a fashion blogger, or into cosmetics, clothing, or other closely-related businesses, Instagram is a perfect platform to make money. With its wide array of opportunities to organically engage users, it’s easily one of the best places to post your stories and connect with your followers. The reason why Instagram should be […]

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5 Ways to Help You Believe in Yourself


Life and disappointments are two words that are synonymous with one another. There is no perfect person who can achieve everything in the world without experiencing any kind of anxiety, fear, panic, and frustration. It would be absolutely wrong to say that there are some who are too strong mentally to feel the fear of […]

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Top 10 Female Mobile Moguls Making Millions

Women play an essential role in the success of the technological world. Female moguls have been receiving fame all over the globe. It is a great experience to see women taking over something in this male dominant world. By doing well in the field of technology, these female celebrities are constantly breaking the male stereotypes. […]

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Anti Sex-Trafficking Lobby Day

monet colbert at Georgia state capitol

While in my last blog I made a strong bold statement saying, “If you say nothing, you’ll stand for nothing,” it may not have set well with some people. That’s ok; it was not directed at anyone personally, other than those who chose to wait until it was too late to pay attention. That goes […]

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