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Natalie Lindholm

When you get the opportunity to watch someone literally jump out of the nest to try and fly, and watch them do exactly that, words can’t begin to describe the level of gratitude you have for them. You know them well enough to know that jump was more than a jump. In fact, for some it could feel like career suicide.

I would love to say I’m just kidding, but that’s not the case with this gentle soul. Needless to say, I personally know the next Stylist Spotlight we are featuring this week.

Five years ago, I was just stepping back into the salon world when I landed at the same salon that Natalie worked at. This was the beginning and end of me ever working for a salon owner again. I feel the mismanagement there was the same reason I left the salon industry when I lived in California and was pursuing my acting career. I share it all in my book: Shear Destiny: 50 Ways to Map Out Your Career and Win!

It’s so sad that many stylists have to fumble through the nonsense to find a place called home where they in fact can grow.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the 90210 zip code that had me stumped back then. It was the unfortunate owners who didn’t care about their stylists. So when I began to see a repeat in history, I did just as Natalie did, but two and a half years earlier. I went on to pursue my own salon business. The greatest gifts I got out of being there were all the stylists that I’m still friends with today. They have even watched me grow by leaps and bounds from when I first stepped into that salon. l 🙂 l

Second Best Thing: Clarity

The second best thing I got out of it was working for REDKEN and all the salons I worked with day in and day out that I actually helped grow. Best of all, I was mature enough to quickly see that not all salons run like nut cases, but sad to say the majority of them do. I would never advocate for someone to go out on their own simply on the basis of not being able to handle drama. Trust me, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But I will advocate for doing what you think is best for you. For me, I had very specific plans and goals over the next three years. This was not an optional detour for my future.

So while, I continued on…from the sideline I got to watch all those that I was close to grow. This one right here, though….. She’s always been a rose bud who was just waiting to blossom 🙂

Raspberry Red Formulation

Raspberry ed hair color by: Natalie Lindholm

Raspberry red hair color by: Natalie Lindholm

Using Flash Lift and 30 volume + Olaplex #1, I balayage large panels, feathering the lightener about an inch and a half off the root area, and saturated through the ends. After processing, I shampooed her hair and followed with Kenra porosity equalizer spray and blow dried.

I then applied a mix of Joico Intensity Soft Pink + Clear + a dot of Magenta on zones 1 and 2.

For zone 3, I applied a mix of Joico Intensity Soft Pink + Clear.

After processing and rinsing, I followed with Olaplex #2 and a deep conditioning treatment before styling.

Up Close & Personal

What was one of the biggest fears you had to overcome as a hairstylist?

The biggest challenge that I have overcome as a hairstylist would have to be growing my confidence. As a new stylist, I was surrounded by so many amazing artists that I felt I could never possibly live up to. I think this is something that a lot of stylists go through when they get into this industry, especially in the age of social media. What I realized was that you have to trust your process, because there will be growing pains if you’re doing it right. Being a confident stylist doesn’t mean you automatically know everything, it means you’ve built a good foundation and are constantly learning and pushing your boundaries from there. Now, I let the work of my peers inspire me rather than intimidate me!


Campbells soup always puts a smile on our face.

What was the driving force that led you to venture on your own in business as hairstylists?

 What drove me to go into business for myself was the need for independence. I wanted to be in control of my clientele, to set my own schedule, and to choose my own products. This industry is so rewarding, but it can also be very draining, and if your workplace isn’t ideal, it can suck the creativity right out of you. I absolutely love doing hair, but when I began dreading going to work, I knew it was time to move on. Lucky for me, three of my coworkers/best friends were also feeling that same way, and so we made the jump together and have never looked back!

Funniest moment you had with your staff as a hairdresser 🙂 

The funniest moment I have had with my coworkers in the salon… that’s a hard one because there are sooo many! I’m a big prankster, so I would have to say it was the time that my coworkers finally got revenge on me. Years ago, at my old salon, someone had left this can of disgusting looking Campbells chunky soup in the break room for months. So one day, I decided to hide it in someone’s station. It turned into a never ending soup rotation, with the soup and other weird food items constantly being hidden in stations, purses, the bathroom, etc. So one day my boss calls me and tells me I had an 8 am appointment that was there waiting for me (I was scheduled for 12, so naturally I was panicking and felt horrible.) I rush to get there, only for them to tell my that my guest was really upset and had just walked away to use the restroom. I rush to get my station set up, only to find that it has been completely wrapped in Saran wrap. All my tools, my chair, my cart, everything. There was no upset client after all, much to my relief, they just wanted to finally get me back, and Monet was the one who did it! I spent the morning unwrapping my station to find the can of soup waiting for me. ?

Monet: I remember this like it was yesterday and it still cracks me up every time I think about it! And everyone always said I was so serious L 🙂 L. All business NO fun 🙂 ? ……Jokes on them  🙂 !!!

If you’re in the Johns Creek GA. area you’ll want to visit Natalie. Tribe Salon Studio was the perfect name for this perfect tribe 🙂 .


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