What an experience this has been already!

I had no clue how hard and long model prep could be.

Here’s the line up for the next 3 days of the show

Even Tracey Cunningham was working a Pod in the Gallery as well.

One of the best things about traveling is being reunited with people you’ve worked with and haven’t seen in awhile. Or better yet, someone you taught in one of your first classes and now they too have become a REDKEN Artist and this is their first REDKEN Symposium since becoming a part of the REDKEN Tribe!

While the day went smoothly for me and my models we had some delays in the gallery. This really isn’t uncommon for shows at all but when I finally got the chance to see the gallery that’s when it hit me. OMG! This is really happening to me!! Even the product “Frizz Dismiss” I was presenting looked like high-end jewelry in its own display box. The Pod sections for each new product launch were a nice size space for people to crowd around to listen and get all the knowledge they needed before the launch of this product line which won’t be for a few more months. Even though we were behind I was still able to see my presentation area before the end of the day. As a team if we were done we tried to help each other out as a group. I even had the chance to enjoy my fruit buddy as well lol.

It’s interesting when you’re working in a different role with new teammates. Not only do you have to concern yourself with your models. But also work etiquette within your work area as well as your teammates. At the end of the day we all need to be ready at the same time and that is where the learning process really began for myself.

So now day 2 of prep is officially behind us and tomorrows blog is showtime!

Stay tuned!