I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since my first REDKEN Symposium. I remember exactly where I was and what transpired at that time and how many obstacles I was dealing with all at one time. It was the time of my on-boarding as an Artistic Educator with REDKEN, major car accident totaling my car and yes the abrupt transition of me leaving the salon I was working at, at that time. My accident was literally the day before having to leave to Vegas and let me tell you. There was nothing stopping me from making sure I made my flight. I’ve been to Vegas many times from when I lived in California, but this experience was by far way more than what I had expected! Setup alone took several days!! Yes, several days!! Body was soar as I don’t know what, from my accident! Lifting heavy boxes and standing all day loading products onto shelf after shelf. It felt like the “Never Ending Story “literally LOL there was a time when I thought OH LORD not another box!

When it came to show time we were all definitely in a different frame of mind. I was like a kid in a candy

store. The grand opening was FIERCE and in truth the guy, that came out with the rhinestone helmet, made me wish I had my motorcycle again just so that I could sport the helmet! It was BLINGED OUT and even to this day I keep saying to myself “I have got to get me one of these to shoot in!”  

This is the largest individual hair show for a brand in the world and if you’ve never been and you’re one of those stylists that doesn’t like going to hair shows because you feel like they’re just Chotski sales venues and you’re not getting enough education. Then this is by far the place to be! This event is packed with nothing but days of education! Over seven thousand people come from all over the world to be inspired and educated from the world’s best in the REDKEN arena.

You get the chance to meet and see your favorite artists from around the world all in one location. It’s literally overwhelming but tons and tons of fun. The number of amazing people you meet is unlimited!

I was such a sponge! I was soaking up all the artists that I haven’t seen or that I have heard about in the world of REDKEN and noted their facilitations skills and hot tips that I actually was able to apply these past two years.
I remember thinking how cool it was to see how they worked and honed in on their craft and wondering how many years it took for these Artists to get to the point where they were now presenting in front of thousands! I remember thinking wow one day! One day I will be doing something like this at a Symposium!

I cant believe 24 months later that thought become yet another REALITY!

I now have embarked on this new challenge and hope that I’m inspiring you the same way!

xoxo Monet

Images By: Brent Borreson