Cherry Cola never looked so good!  One of the greatest joys I get out of being in the beauty industry is when I can say I have truly had the opportunity to watch someone grow.

Since our last Stylist Spotlight  feature on Sara Caroline, we thought it was time for an update simply because this young powerhouse has been on a mission and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Her recent accomplishments over the last ten months have been so inspiring that we wanted to share in this update.

Before doing so, Sarah took the time to unlock her secret formula to this thirst quenching ‘Cherry Cola’ hair color trend.sara-caroline-cherry cola

Formula used

Lifted to level 8
Pravana Red + Magenta for Red
Pravana Violet + Clear + Magenta for Purple
Redken 000 + Processing + Olaplaex to seal and shine at shampoo bowl

Since the last time we featured you what has transpired?

I was honored to be in Beauty Launch Pad’s “Young Guns: Trailblazers under 30” article. I’ve recently created a coarse called the ‘Art of Education’. Promoted to 4AA Stylist (Summit level systems)
Interviewed for a project called “Penny for your Thoughts: Common Cents” on what beauty means to me.


I have to take a moment so that I can REALLY brag on this young starlet as the above is not all that has happened over the last ten months. If you watch in the video below “Penny for your Thoughts: Common Cents” where Sara spoke at my book launch for Shear Destiny:50 Ways to Map Out Your Career and Win. Tara, the owner of Aura Hair & Makeup, who not only took the time to support my event by hosting it. But also made sure that the world knew how Sara’s contribution and dedication to  Aura Hair & Makeup Salon in the Alpharetta, Ga. location were major contributing factors to the organization’s growth.

It’s because of Sara’s hard work and dedication

Noted by Tara herself in the video below at 19:33 min, that out of the three locations Aura owns currently at this time Sara’s location is the fastest growing location thus far!!

     sara caroline

Fast forward in the same video to 22 min and listen to Sarah explain how the beauty industry and her dedication have yet again in the last ten months helped her buy her first home, a new car and wait! There’s more!!!! lol…… Okay, you have to listen for yourself. The same video at 22 minutes.

What was the most valuable lesson you took away from in 2016?

Make sure your heart an spirit is satisfied as well.

Now that you have a copy of Shear Destiny
What are some key things you have learned from the 


Through my own personal discoveries as well as Tara Miller’s coaching, your book basically outlines what I did! I really like the way it was mapped out in the beginning. I wish would have had it at the start of
my career! It would have taken me half the time to get to where I am.

Why would you recommend it?

It gives you a clear guideline to this
industry and shows you paths on how to get there. I also think the
self- reflection you ask is incredibly important.

I think you would agree it was time to give this Rock Star another feature. So if you’re in the Alpharetta, GA. area and in need ofsara_caroline a stylists you can reach Sara at the following:

Aura Hair & Make-Up Salon

5905 Atlanta Hwy

Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 470-767-8328

IG: SaraCaroline.HairSanity