Shear Destiny Resource Center

Hello, Fellow Makeup Artists, Beauty Gurus, Hair Stylists, Beauty Enthusiasts, and our newbie Cosmetologists!


So you took the plunge, and you are now on your way! You have in hand your own personal copy of Shear Destiny or a digital piece of equipment that has Shear Destiny stored on it, and it has now led you to this point. Without one of those tools in hand first, this section will not serve you in the way it is intended to. Remember, in order to get where you want in life, we have to start from Point A and then move to Point B. If we jump right into the meat of things, we will never know what we might have missed in-between that could very well have been our beauty career dream job. It could slip right between our figures. DONT let that be you!

No worries, though, we have you covered if it is. Simply click the link, and you can easily access a digital copy of Shear Destiny 50 Ways to Map Out Your Career and Win!  INSTANTLY!!!

By entering in your email below after watching the video. You will access what you will need to continue to map out your beauty industry profession.

Don’t feel as though while reading the book you have to go chapter by chapter. Even though I wrote my story in a chronological order, it was not intended for you to have to read it that way. NO! In fact, after reading Chapters 1 and 2 you can jump from one chapter to the other, then swing right back around and start from the beginning. It’s your choice. You won’t get lost either way! I promise!

Here you will find the motivational resources and tools that you need. These are the ones that I mention throughout different chapters in the book.

Remember, I shared in the book that things were current at the time this book this was written and published. However, if you stumble on something in our resource area that is not up to date as time progresses, simply let me know so I can help you. I’m looking forward to working hard at building a community of inspiring beauty industry entrepreneurs. Even though I have been an educator for one of the largest global hair care brands in the world, I continue to pride myself on being a student as well. This community will be our safe haven where we can learn, inspire, and educate through the eyes of those who are seasoned pros and even novices just beginning their journeys.  This industry is ever evolving.  So the way I see it, a thousand sets of ears and eyes with serving hearts will allow us the opportunity to redefine the beauty industry together.

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