Rose gold hair color myths busted!!! Recently, I ran across an online article that had me a bit frustrated regarding rose gold DIY coloring. Let me first say this: I have no problems when it comes to free speech, personal opinions, and free enterprise. I will say that I pride myself as a professional Master Cosmetologist. Still working to grow myself both personally and technically, (as we all should be in our industry) I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to surround myself with amazing talented liked-minded professionals from various parts of the industry and different brands.

I will also say, as I noted in a previous blog focused on Pastel Trends, that I am not at all opposed to “box color,” even though my industry would strongly disagree with me. That’s okay; we are all entitled to our opinions. But my statements actually come from facts and what may be a more affordable and cost effective approach for my client.

However, one of the challenges that I do have is when articles are positioned to sell products with no real basis behind them, and in fact lack real professional knowledge, taking away credit where credit is due.


So in this week’s Stylist Spotlight feature, I am happy to introduce a dear friend of mine and Advanced Healing Artist for L’ANZA, Alicia Marcano. I have known Alicia for well over five years. Initially we met through the world of REDKEN. I can remember when I was personally going through many advanced technical color challenges. There is a science to understanding color. And if you don’t know the color wheel and how it truly works in the world of color, which means passing the basics with regards to your tertiary colors, then when it comes to pastel, ANYTHING including rose gold trends you will NEVER yield the Rose 20K Gold masterpiece!

So when I was doing research on this rose gold trend, I continued to find the same stories touting how to achieve rose gold with this easy, do it yourself, at home solution. FROM A BOX! I honestly kept thinking in my mind… cha ching cha ching! I would be paid to fix that rose gold 🙂 .

But this one article blew me away when it bragged about Kylie Jenner’s back and forth, ever-changing rainbow hair color.

We kept the article intact and provided a link to it. You can read it for yourself UNLESS it gets changed after we publish this one.

kylie jenner rose gold hair

I have nothing against this article other than all the misleading information that doesn’t tell the truth nor credit the artist that is responsible for the amazing hair color transformations we see on Kylie Jenner today, which is Tokyo Stylez.

While I do not know Tokyo, nor Kylie personally, what I do know is that initially dated back on March 31st 2016, Kylie and Tokyo tokyo stylezopened up to about these amazing overnight perfect color transformations. (AKA Wigs 🙂 )

I can especially appreciate Question #2:

  1. What does her real hair even look like?

Then duly noted in a live interview with US Weekly, Kylie is quoted as saying a year earlier Sept 28th 2015:

“Jenner learned the hard way that constantly swapping out colors can have serious consequences.”

Because I change my hair so much, it’s become damaged. I’ve had to find ways to really try and take care of it and give it a rest. I discovered this amazing WIG guy, Tokyo, and together we create wigs. Wigs are just SO much easier because I change my mind so much and this way I’m not damaging my hair,”

Wiggin’ Out! Kylie Jenner Reveals What’s Behind Constantly Changing Hair

My point to all this is that a simple search even a year later would have had you in a position of possible right vs wrong to help sell and push your links through. Everyone has a right to use what they want. I am all about free enterprise personal choices. But when it’s misleading and lends no credit to the artist who spent years on their education and hard work, not to mention the under minded approach to sell, it is wrong! In fact dead wrong!

This is why I am so happy to showcase Alicia Marcano with her Rose Gold approach. Trust me, this trend is not a one size fits all “In a Box” approach….

During the time I was with REDKEN, I can remember hearing other Artists in the network brag about how much of a Color Geek she was. I had no idea what they meant until one day when we started to really work closer with each other. I think Color Geek is an understatement, more like SCIENCE COLOR LAB RAT!! This woman had multiple 5″ ring notebook binders filled with every color REDKEN had, in every line, swatched out on ever hair color level 1-10. NO lie!! It was no wonder the NYC office was telling me to shadow this Super Star! So needless to say if you want to be the best, learn from them. Do what they do, and you are sure to get there. Maybe not their level, but certainly above average. As I said earlier, there is a Science to being a great colorist!

Rose Gold Formula: L’ANZA Healing Haircolor

Formulas 1/2 applied to triangle shaped sections under the parietal and crown
Formula 1: 15 gr. 7cc+ 15 gr 100v + 30 gr translucent catalyst + 60 gr. Demi Cream Developeralicia_marcano_rose_gold
formula 2: 22 gr 100 + 8 gr 4rv   + 30 gr translucent catalyst + 60 gr. Demi Cream Developer
Glaze on remaining hair: 54 gr 100v + 1 gr Red Mix + 55 gr translucent catalyst + 110 gr. Demi Cream Developer
Process 30 minutes

How you achieved it?

Pre-lighten bands L’anza beauty bath 20 volume

Pre-lighten dark ends L’anza powder decolorizer 30 vol


Then Regrowth L’anza  cream decolorizer 20 vol

Follow with Ultimate treatment strength x2 moisture X1

Tone 100p 1:2 trans:demi

Follow with Ultimate treatment strength x2 moisture X1

[warning]Could you image reading this formula in a “BOX”?[/warning]

While this is the formula for this client with this color line, I assure you this would not be the same formula on my head. Which you will get the chance to see for yourself as Alicia and I work through a step by step video, trying to achieve pastel purple in my own hair. In a few weeks time, we will tell if it’s even possible due to all the previous coloring I have done on my own hair through the years. I’m a real client with the same color challenges and desires, and I’m ready to expose them. Stay tuned!!

Up Close & Personal

[question]How long have you been an artist and which companies have you worked for? [/question]

I’ve been an artist for 17 years, 20 years in the industry. I spent 14 years educating for Redken in the USA, Europe, Canada and Latin America and as a Redken Exchange  facilitator and Redken Symposium artist. I came on board as an Advanced Healing Artist for L’ANZA a little over a year ago and have traveled the US, Guatemala and Mexico.

[question]One of the hardest things about being a salon owner?[/question]

Finding balance between success and maintaining a personal life

[question]If you could turn back the clock what advice would you give to your younger self as an upcoming stylist?[/question]

Never stop taking chances

Alicia is also a woman of very few words, which is what I Iove most about her. She offers some simple actionable advice on life. I’m grateful that I not only get to call her a mentor but also a friend.

In Conclusion:

I will never apologize for defending my industry, and I have nothing against I simply feel that people and brands need be responsible on how the phrase things to sell, whether it be a product or service. As a professional, I can’t tell you how much it hurts us stylists that take pride in trying our hardest to achieve many of these unrealistic expectations our clients come in with after being inspired by articles or Pinterest posts like the one I read on your blog.

Then when we fall short of that, many of us are left feeling inadequate. So if you are one of those stylists reading this: Don’t worry!! Even the most senior celebrity stylists have challenges. It’s all a learning process, and each formulation will be different. As a professional, you already know the history of the hair will change from client to client, and so will their desires. Just work on mastering your skill rather than keeping up with the Joneses.

If you are consumer reading this, I don’t want your hair to end up like Kyle’s. She has a much larger bank account and still has the same issues you would. The difference is she may be able to afford other options that you can’t.

[warning]Proceed with Caution[/warning]

That’s all I’m saying. It’s not a simple trend, nor a simple fix!

Call Tokyo for your next wig. I hope he can get to Atlanta someday so I can take his class!

If you’re in the Georgia market and looking to take your hair color to a new creative level then contact Alicia. Clearly, her resume as an Artist speaks for itself.

[disclaim]No sales pitch needed![/disclaim]

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