Rose gold hair color has been a fad for quite some time now. In fact, we recently featured  L’ANZA Advance  Healing Artist, Alicia Marcano as one of our Stylist Spotlight contributors who walks us through one of her step by step 24k rose gold creations.


Rose gold Apple watch

If I were to try and describe it as a colorist. I would have to say it’s a blush rosy/yellow vibrant pastel toned shade that is continually making waves in the world of hair color since 2016. This striking shade of hair color has been sported by countless celebrities on Instagram and Facebook. Stylists continue to proudly showcase their before and after photos of clients who are willingly and boldly dipping their hair into these rose gold trends.

This hair color is so enticing that the trend seems to be luring more and more women of all ages to jump on the bandwagon. It is not just Apple that has been enamored by this alluring shade. Evidently, when they first featured its new rose gold color in 2015, it SOLD out in the first week. Having so many other brands following suit. 

“More than 13 million new iPhones were sold over the weekend. That’s up 3 million from last year’s weekend launch of the iPhone6. It also helped that they included China sales.”

As you can see the craze for this pastel shade that had arrived in 2015 is still conquering the hearts of men and women with its sheer brilliance and luster.

This shade of hair color is not just for blondes. Even though they get the most obvious visual results.  If you’re a brunette, you need not worry. Rose gold color can be applied to your natural hair color and even though the results you see are different than what blondes obtain. These shades are equally breath taking.



With so many options and flattering results for blondes, brunettes, and even darker level hues, it’s no wonder why rose gold hair color trends continue to grow.  Just like the ombré hair trend that created waves back in 2000, it is certainly the turn of this pastel pink shade to continue to dominate red carpet events.

With rose gold, women having different skin types have different options to try out. If you have a warm skin complexion, warmer hues of rose gold will look great on you. On the other hand, try rose mahogany as it maybe the shade for you if your skin tones are cooler.

Either way, rose gold will continue to be seen everywhere on social media with many more red carpet events to come. Be ready to look pretty and confident to rock the world by sporting your 24K look.