fashion trends - not your typical stepford wife

So what if you are a married woman? You may be a wife and mom but you need not be a Stepford wife all the time just to please others, especially your husband.  Whether you are a career mom or just a housewife, you have a personality of your own to let the world know about you. Here is an attire to make you feel good and happy. The world is full of examples of successful women who did not make it until they were 40 or older.

Three women who struck success after the age of 40

Vera Wang Vera Wang

Who doesn’t know the name of Vera Wang, the wedding gown designer from America today? She is the uncrowned queen of bridal dresses today but she worked hard to achieve this success. She even worked as an accessories design director at Ralph Lauren long before deciding to open her own bridal dresses boutique. Vera was 40 at the time she opened her boutique. Today she has boutiques in many countries of the world.

Lucille Ball

You may not recognize this name if you are a Millenial but ask your parents and they will tell you that Lucille Ball was the undisputed comedienne queen of television at one point in time. But she did not achieve this level of fame until she was 40 years old. Her Viola Davis television series titled I Love Lucy is still remembered as iconic by experts of the entertainment industry.

Viola Davis 

Viola Davis is a much respected name in the world of movies and television today. Her name became a household name when she played a role alongside Meryl Streep in the movie Doubt for which she also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Viola was 43 years old when this movie was released.

Get the Look: 

High Waisted Print A Line SkirtSkirt

This printed A line skirt with a red floral print is made of cotton and spandex. It is a high waist skirt that is the perfect attire for warm and sunny days during the fall season. It will give you a very vibrant personality without making any effort.



This is a viscose shirt with a V neck and buttoned closure at the front. This closure remains hidden with a trimming at the front. It is a full sleeve shirt that is long enough to keep your hips covered.



Court Shoes GUESSShoes

This eager patent court shoe from Guess is made from real leather and has a 13 cm high heel. It has a rounded toe and a rubber sole.




These pearl studs will give you a very feminine and attractive look in the outdoors with this attire.



This Desert Rose lip gloss from Shades of Monet will give you rich and fuller lips that appear moist and inviting.


Shades of Monet Eye Shadow Pan

This Vintage eye shadow from Shades of Monet will give your eyes a very mesmerizing look on this dress.


pastel_clay_2Shades of Monet Eye Shadow Pan

You can use this Pastel Clay eye shadow from Shade of Monet if you are desirous of a rich and earth look for your eyes.



Use this Mosaic Blushing powder on your face to get that ultra-glamorous look.

Even with all of the inspirational women, we could follow. We still need to find balance and ways to keep yourself motivated and happy. Here are 5 ways to have a daily positive attitude. A little help can go a long way 🙂