What I love about this picture is this is 6 months after we originally colored it! She is an out of state art student that can only see me a couple times a year; so her grow out still has to look fresh and on trend!

Products used:

-Redken Extreme Shampoo

-Pureology Hydrate conditioner

-Pureology Colour Fanatic to prime

-Bosley Professional Strength Gel cocktailed with Bosley Pro. Rebalance Oil for cushiony but smooth blow out.

-Finished with Bosley Pro Rebalance on ends

-Bosley Pro Hairspray to smooth flyaways for the perfect picture.


Redken Blond Icing Power Lift + 20 vol 1:2 ratio Original Glaze- Shades EQ 09RB + 09G for a rosey gold 6 months later Glaze- Shades EQ .8 09P + .2 Clear to cool left over warmth Redken Extreme & Color Extend Shot to help heal split ends and protect her glaze for as long as possible! It’s a technique I learned four years ago at Redken’s Symposium that really stuck with me! The key to this is sectioning. You’ll need quite a few elastics!


-Find their part and section from high point of the head to ear to separate front from back.

-Zig/Zag sections using diagonal forward and backward sections. This should create little triangles! Place a ponytail at the base of each triangle.

-Once completely sectioned, you’ll hand paint sections of each pony tail. I wanted quite a bit of blonde, so I split each pony into four pieces and lightened two of the four.

-Once color is processed, carefully cut each elastic before shampooing.

-Tone per preference!

We asked Sara what she felt has been her biggest accomplishment thus far since becoming a stylist. Trust me when I say,  I have NO doubt that you too will be MORE than impressed!

“I would have to say my biggest accomplishment so far has to be becoming a co-owner of Aura Hair & Make-Up Alpharetta at age 24! Starting with the dream of becoming a hairstylist definitely put me on the right path to business ownership. The journey to become the best hairstylist I could be not only enhanced my artistic skills, but also taught me how to be a therapist, coach, leader, and businesswoman. I started in this industry at 17 and was fortunate enough to find a salon that focuses on teaching their stylists how to continuously get to the next level. By having a business plan for hairstylist (Summit), I had goals lined up for me to hit and the coaching to teach me how. I was in an environment that promotes growth personally as well as professionally all while having a creative outlet!”

Aura Hair & Make-Up

5905 Atlanta Hwy

Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 470-767-8328

IG: SaraCaroline.HairSanity