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Although many women (and there are a lot of us!) who shy away from it because we are inclined to believe otherwise, I assure you: red lips are not reserved or restricted to a selected, special group of women. Timeless and tempting all at once, any and every woman can and ought to rock red lips once in her life! The only secret: when going red, do pay attention to the rubies, royals and rouges; the right shade will make red ravishing, and the wrong one… Well, we know how that goes! Red lips, done the right way, is as classique as it is chic; it always has and always will make a bold and beautiful statement, in any season, and at any time, A.M or P.M.

The right shade of red makes the difference between ravishingly red and well… RED ALERT! If there is one thing which I continuously stress with my brand, it is that Shades of Monet® Cosmetics is reflective of “the shades of everyone’s lives”. Let’s be real: we all have different shades, so while some are well suited for raspberry red, others are better opted for rouge, or perhaps, ruby red. Some shades work well with fairer complexions, while some are meant to flatter darker complexions – understanding this is not a matter of rocket science. And in any case, so long as you go with a flattering shade, a blue undertone fuchsia shade if you have darker skin or a bright red if you are fairer or on the olive side, you can rock red, and rock it right. In the way best suited for you!

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The red lip look is essentially easy to create and re-create numerous ways, so as to fit a specific occasion or just a specific mood. With red lip color, one can create a variety of looks that range from subtle to sultry to straight up audacious. Especially popular red lip looks that are fun and easy to create and play around with, include the natural blended red lip, the Marilyn Monroe lip, and for our dark and daring days, the grunge-vamp red lip. To create a naturally blended red lip, I would recommend using a flesh toned liner to line and then fill in moisturized lips. Using a lip brush, take a warm cherry shade of red, apply to the center of the lip area, and reapply once again. For the famous Marilyn Monroe red, go for a bright cherry red to line lips and fill them in. Reapply the color two or three times, and finish by carefully coating lips with a high shine gloss. Finally, for a vampy or grunge look, outline lips with a darker toned lip pencil, and then apply a brunt red lip color to the center of lips. A lipstick that is matte in texture is best for this look, as it gives a deathly look.

As a beauty staple that never goes out of style, red lips can clearly be worked a number of different ways. As a common finishing ingredient in some of the greatest evening looks, know that red lips also work wonders in the daytime. When choosing a formula, a general rule of thumb is that a glossy red lip is casual, while a classic matte lip is dramatic and better suited for evening wear. If your desire is a sheer finish, go for a liquid stain, and if on the other end, it is the classic bold, opt instead for hydrating cream or matte formulas. Red lips done right will draw attention as a point of focus. Making a mistake in shade choice however can give the appearance of sallow skin and yellow teeth, and leave you with a look gone horribly wrong. Because red lips are the perfect finishing touch, it is important that one keeps makeup simple. Go for a neutral face, wear a sheer blush, and minimize eye makeup to get a high-fashion look day and night.

Remember, whether you do it with raspberry, ruby, or plain old rouge, revamp, redefine, and recreate the red lip your way! No matter your skin tone, you can rock red! So, go ahead: dramatize your desired red lips!!

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