Becky M. Sotillo

Becky M. Sotillo

It is with great pleasure and honor that I get the chance to feature this week’s Stylist Spotlight. Have you ever met someone where, with very few words exchanged, you genuinely recognize how amazing it is to watch God’s work when he brings people together for a greater purpose than the one you could have imagined?

Well that holds true for the angelic soul, Becky Sotillo.

To say we’re friends would be in understatement…more like sisters through Christ. We rarely see each other, but when we do somehow we manage to bring ideas into reality. As stylists, business women, wives, and mothers, we wear many different hats, not to mention we all have many different talents. Much of what we do tends be creative, whether that be creating artwork, makeup tutorials, handcrafted woodwork, or as in Becky’s case, creating jewelry. This is just one of her artesian specialties with Mai Creativity, which you will learn more about in just a moment.

Shear Destiny Swag Bags

Shear Destiny Swag Bags

Both Becky and I have a passion to build brands with meaning that could help us along our journey to serve a greater purpose. It was our relationship with God and my dedication to help fight against sex trafficking here in Georgia that made our bond even closer. Oh, and of course the world of hairdressing had a little to do with it too. We must not forget how it all started.

As I was preparing for my official book launch party for Shear Destiny, we were bouncing ideas off each other regarding what we could provide as gifts for the swag bags that all the attendees were going to receive besides Shades of Monet cosmetics, REDKEN, Pureology and Wella hair care products. Without hesitation, I approached Becky about a co-venture opportunity to merge both our brands. And she said, “YES!”

Becky M. Sotillo creating our first bracelet for our Shear Destiny brand

Becky M. Sotillo creating our first bracelet for our Shear Destiny brand

Thus, our first exclusive handcrafted bracelet for Shear Destiny was designed. To just share that in a matter fact kind of way would be highly dismissive. We had 100 individual swag bags that were being created. Becky hand stamped 100 bracelets, letter by letter, that read “Shear Destiny Proverbs 16:3.” That was a total of 24 letters per bracelet x 100 bracelets, which equaled 2400 hand stamped letters on metal, all of which were donated to help raise as much money as we could for the book launch. I am proud to share with you that 100% of the proceeds covered the purchase of the 80 books bought to donate to other cosmetologists. The rest of the money raised was donated to Street Grace, which is an organization that helps fight against sex- slave trafficking here in Georgia, and that I am happy to be working with.

Hair By: Becky M. Sotillo

Hair By: Becky M. Sotillo

Becky’s hard work, creative eye, and love for the beauty industry are just a few reasons why I’m so excited to share with you her formulation on this beautiful Frothy chocolate Chi latte hair color for this fall season. Plus! You’ll get the opportunity to learn more about Becky and what moves her to serve.


30 volume + blonde me lightening powder (schwarzkopf),

Toned with 10 volume + 10N + green concentrate (Chromastics by Tom Dispenza)

Styling products = Paul Brown Treat Elite (leave in detangling spray), Amazon Series KerAcai (leave in keratin treatment), and TRI Design Protein Bodifier (shine and added body spray)

What advice would you give to other mothers out there looking to start a career as a hair dresser?

If you’re a mother, and you’re looking to become a hairdresser, I say “GO FOR IT!” There’s nothing you shouldn’t do if you really want to, including becoming a hairdresser. In encouraging mothers out there to reach for your dreams, because nothing is impossible, I would also encourage you to do a little research so you understand the different options you have in pursuing such career, and I say research with caution. Why caution? As mothers, we develop a protective nature, and we will overdose ourselves with research, which could become extremely overwhelming. Instead of getting a better sense of direction, we get confused and possibly discouraged. Like everything in life, everyone’s experiences differ from one another. So learn from people’s stories, but don’t let it become a determining factor for what you want to do with your life.

Most embarrassing moment you’ve had happen with a client, and what resulted from it?

One incident stands out and is stuck in my head. It happened during the time when I was an assistant for a long-time hairdresser. I was assigned that late evening to do a root touch up on his client (it was the last client of the day). So I followed instructions and applied her root color. After the color was done processing, I took her over to shampoo her hair. HER ROOTS WERE RED!!! Maybe not fire engine red, but it was RED! I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t say anything to her. I finished washing her hair and sat her down in the chair and acted like everything was normal. I quietly went to get my boss and had him confront her with the disaster. I was ready to run out the back door, literally. We had a back door that I could run out and get to my car. The mistake I made was in the mixing of the formula. I read it correctly, but I switched the portions of the two colors and ended up with a really red formula (I guess I DIDN’T follow instructions really well). Fortunately, the client was understanding of my mistake and was totally fine with us reapplying color on her roots to fix it. I actually had to leave at that point to go pick up my daughter from daycare. So I left the redo for another assistant, the son’s boss. Not only was the client nice about it, but my boss at the time and his son was super sympathetic towards me. This whole embarrassment resulted in me growing close to my salon family, learning to approach and handle situations like this professionally, AND to pay closer attention when mixing hair formulas!


I promise you, every stylists has a story! You can read one of our other featured artists on Grace O’Bryne. This time it was a request on a horse! 🙂

What inspired you to create Mai Creativity?

 Ah…I’m glad you asked! I’m a creative being with lots of passion for creating things. My artistic soul just doesn’t allow me to stick to just one thing. Making jewelry isn’t the first type of craft I’ve made, but it is the first craft that jump started the idea for Mai Creativity. Why not call it Mai Jewelry then? Well…because making just one type of craft doesn’t satisfy me. It might be jewelry today and knitted scarves tomorrow. Mai Creativity gives me an outlet to bring my inspirations to life through hobbies, but now with a purpose…to share it with the world. It also gives me opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded artists who craft with such talent. I had lost touch with this type of artistry for a while, and finding ways to express myself through arts and crafts again is fulfilling my love for it.

Since you have read the book Shear Destiny, what was one key take away you got from the book?

I’ve realized that everyone’s motivation to enter the beauty industry is uniquely different. We all can learn so much from each other, not only as hairdressers to hairdressers but as professionals in any industry. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, there is ALWAYS something new you could learn. Not only that, but you can also take what you already know and shine a new light on it. A quick example of something I didn’t know before reading the book is one of the hairstylist options listed: contracting to cut hair in juvenile/prison correction centers (I simply just didn’t know that). Something I knew but received a new perspective on is what it takes to be an instructor. I know to respectfully and legally teach, you must be a licensed instructor and obviously be knowledgeable. The book goes a little deeper into what it takes to teach, which I felt I already knew as well. BUT the thoroughness on the topic made me take a glimpse at the industry as an instructor myself. To one day be an instructor or not to be is still something to ponder about. It may seem like I’m rambling on and not making a major point here, but that’s just it…I’ve walked away with more than one important key note from Shear Destiny, so I cannot narrow it down to just one. Whether you’re just beginning in the beauty industry or have been in the game for a hot minute, YOU WILL get something from this book. If you read the book and you don’t get anything from it, I suggest you reevaluate the way you think, humble yourself, and read it again. Like I said, we all can learn from each other…no matter where you are in your career or where you are in life.

Mai Creativity exclusive Shear Destiny bracelet

I hope that the take away you received from this feature is that you understand just how important relationships are. Not only that, but also know how important it is to share your platform for the greater good for others. You never know where the next investor, opportunity, or just a new friend could come from. So always find a way to serve others and be authentic about how you too can help them grow in the process!!

You can learn more about Street Grace and how you too can get involved with making a difference here.

To reach Becky for your next hair appointment or that next creative artwork idea you are trying to bring to life. You can find her right here on her own personal blog: or her Esty store 🙂 and to order your EXCLUSIVE Mai Creativity Shear Destiny bracelet you can do that here 🙂 We all could use spiritual lifting 🙂