Fewer options

You feel your efforts are not enough; nothing you do is making a major significant impact on your career as a beauty professional. Doubt starts to creep in, and you begin to question if this is even your calling.

Not Having Enough Funds

The bills are stacking up, and you’re worried if clients will walk into your store today or if you’ll get that next contracted job. Your emotions are filled with doubt and anxiety, but you have to put on a composed and confident look just so that you can get through each day.

These three areas of concerns can be devastating, and we understand that. Spending years in this industry has helped Monet to unravel the truth behind the enigma you feel trapped in. It usually comes down to these two factors:


 Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.



Lack of Guidance

Nobody is disputing your talents or skill level as a beauty professional. Whether or not you’re new in this industry, you’re qualified because you are professionally trained. But you never learned how to master the business side of things; you never had anybody teach you the ins or outs of running a business. This will ultimately catch up with you, and you’ll find it difficult to organize, manage and advance your beauty career.

You’re Trying to Do This All Alone!

We know you’re independent, and that is a really good thing. It may have always been your dream to establish your own business. However, independence has its downside. You see only one perspective of the whole picture – your own view. The answers may be hiding in plain sight, but you are just engrossed in your own world.

“This is a must read!!! So many books claim to help you map out your plan and you get nowhere…not this one. It seemed like she was speaking to me and only me. As an esthetician, makeup artist, and salon/spa consultant for over 5 years, I was able to gain valuable insight into unconventional career options such as working on set or even creating my own lane merging various services and sales (not just behind the table). My favorite chapters were on branding and the internet. I was really able to assess where I was in my process and start making changes to clean up and build my brand image. I guess when you think you have explored every option, there is always more. Definitely, a must read if you are looking to expand beyond your current situation or even if you are just starting out and need that support. Felt like a little gift of heaven letting me know I was on the right track.” – ADC 
“As one who’s always on the lookout for my next inspiration or nugget of knowledge, I found Shear Destiny to be an easy to read, relatable guide to beauty industry insight and opportunity. Regardless of how many years, one may or may not have been in this industry…this book is a great resource for all. Monet did an amazing job consolidating the many facets of the what we know as the “beauty industry” and intertwining her own experience, and knowledge, thus making this read super engaging and approachable. Thorough, concise, and to the point… I highly recommend this source be placed in all cosmetology schools. Take a risk and explore your Shear Destiny!!!” – SR
“Just because one struggles doesn’t mean all must struggle. Just because one makes it in the industry doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t share the tools on how they got there.” <——It’s all about lifting each other up, and sharing our knowledge to better the industry as a whole.
This book is amazing. It makes you stop and see potential, where you might not have before. Not only that, but it helps to give you a way to map out where you want to go in the industry. I’m going to have to read it again and again and keep taking notes. What a wonderful tool to have!! –Issac

Inside the Book?

In this one-of-a-kind book, Monet opens up a new world of ideas and possibilities in this competitive world of beauty. She also demonstrates how to dominate and establish yourself into the perfect beauty professional. Shear Destiny’ is more than just a book, it transcends into an emotional storytelling of life! It will bring you to tears; it will leave you bewildered in amazement and awe.  And after reading this book, your take and view on life and beauty will change completely! This book is an eye-opener – a real game changer.

Shear Destiny’ aims to paint a whole new picture in your head and awaken you to the opportunities and prospects in the beauty industry.  So don’t wait any longer. Stop chasing your dreams and start living them!

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

– Golda Meir

Here’s What You’ll Learn

New Ideas

The beauty business isn’t always easy. That is why Monet helps you come up with new ideas to solve problems for your clients and your own career!



Monet gives you the inside scoop on what many different types of beauty industry jobs are paying and how to negotiate your worth!

Navigate the Beauty Industry

Do you even know who the BIG players in the beauty business are? NO worries. Monet will tell you first hand, and show you how to get to them directly! Talk about motivational!

‘Shear Destiny’ is Not Just a Book but a Resource Guide and Journal

Online Resources

Monet provides you with resource information that will help you push through the minutia of the beauty business, whether you want to do hair, makeup, or sales. And there are so many other options, as well.


Logging your progress is key! But uncovering what you don’t know, and being prepared for it, is where the pot of gold really lies. This is filled with many treasures of self-discovery!


Do you even know who the BIG players in the beauty business are? NO worries. Monet will tell you first hand, and show you how to get to them directly! Talk about motivational!

About the Author

Shades of Monet was inspired by the famous fine art impressionist and founded by a determined female entrepreneur that later evolved into a beauty platform.

Monet Colbert is now using her beauty industry career and product development experience to help take beauty beyond the chair. As a former educator for the L’Oreal brands REDKEN & Pureology, makeup artist, hair stylist, fitness competitor, model, published author, actress, wife, and mother of two, Monet packs an entrepreneurial punch to the beauty business.

Her career in the cosmetology industry has made her an expert in makeup, hair and business. Her journey up this ladder gave birth to her motivational book “Shear Destiny.” Monet believes that it’s a natural part of the cosmetology industry to focus on external beauty. However, Monet shows how determination, persistence, and faith can be a testament to how beauty can really be defined from the inside out even while taking beauty beyond the chair.

A Brand that’s Giving with PURPOSE not just for PROFITS


Human Sex-Trafficking

No child or woman should be sold into sex slavery! So Monet is taking her brands and partnering with organizations that fight against this atrocity.


Building a Community

Knowing that Monet’s  journey in the beauty industry wasn’t easy, and while listening to similar stories from others, she felt it was simply time to build a community that genuinely gives back. As a lifestyle and business brand strategist, Monet helps thriving entrepreneurs find their way through her newly launched ‘Inner Circle’ group, while taking beauty beyond the chair.