Shear Destiny Launch Party Live Event!

While I’m playing catch up from one of the most amazing nights of my career. My team and I realize this stream is very long and wanted to break it down by speakers so that you could jump to the person you most want to hear from :).

So, with an 1:10:03 worth of filming, here is the breakdown by name and career titles. I am also listing all of our sponsors here as well. This event would NEVER have been as successful without the LOVE and SUPPORT of each person involved.



Ashleigh Cummings Spa Specialist – Demi Muse Artistry
Bridget Roberts – Co- Owner of Savvy Entertainment – 00: 1:42
Carla Jones – Owner of Salon Solutions Group-The Beauty Pro Business Growth Coach 00:7:45
Tara Miller – Owner of Aura Hair And Makeup Sandy Springs 00:17:11
followed by Sara Caroline & Nicole McMinn- ShareHolders

Paris Watson – Artist (One of my beautiful daughters with such a soulful voice!!! Not everyone can say their daughter performed at their book launch event. This brought back old memories for me when both my girls were on the road with me ALL the TIME during the start of Shades of Monet Cosmetics and my Fitness career #proudmom) 00:29:18 min

Mary Eyler – Regional Business Manager at Wella Professionals 00:32:50

Video ‘Shear Destiny’ Book Trailer – Debut 00:46:39

Monet Colbert – Author and Owner of Shades of Monet Cosmetics and Monet & Company salon 0:46:39
Bob Rogers – CEO of Street Grace– 1:08:00

Thank you to all of our PROUD Sponsors!!!!!!

Aura Hair And Makeup Sandy Springs
Mai Creativity Becky M. Sotillo – “Exclusive Custom Designed” Shear Destiny Bracelets
DJ – Billy the Kid
Bart Eyler from Bay Equity Home Loans
Wella ProfessionalsSebastian Professional
Redken / Pureology Serious Colour Care
Shades of Monet & Shear Destiny

Photographers & Videographers
Fleming Photography
Maria Teresa
Alan Kimara Dixon
C Yvonne Boyd – My personal assistant and home chef 🙂 for the event L:)L


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Special “Thank You” to the additional speakers that we didn’t capture on this video but we will feature later on another 🙂 which are: Erin Jubril & Charmaine Davis

I want to thank each of you for helping me make MORE THAN one dream come true this evening!
xoxo Monet

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller