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"Monet is very good at keeping any class on track despite those who's having trouble following. She puts it in terms anyone can understand."

Amy Bullard Armstrong - Master Stylist, Borrelli's Salon

Here's What You'll Learn

New Ideas

The beauty business isn't always easy. That is why I help you come up with new ideas to solve problems for your clients and your own career!

Industry Income Potential

I give you the inside scoop on what many different types of beauty industry jobs are paying and how to negotiate your worth!

Navigate the Beauty Industry

Do you even know who the BIG players in the beauty business are? NO worries. I will tell you first hand, and show you how to get to them directly! Talk about motivational!


"I always enjoy your education visits. Thank you for bringing and sharing knowledge. Your energy is so bright and inspiring"

John Eric - Master Stylist, Sorella Hair Studio

Not Just a Book
but a Resource Guide and Journal

Online Resources

I provide you with resource information that will help you push through the minutia of the beauty business, whether you want to do hair, makeup, or sales. And there are so many other options, as well.


Logging your progress is key! But uncovering what you don't know, and being prepared for it, is where the pot of gold really lies. This is filled with many treasures of self-discovery!


Let's face it, we’re creative people! So, I have provided motivational activities that will help stretch your vision and unleash your God given potential.

Thank you for your class !!! Your amazing!!

Haley Rollins-  Master Stylist, Blow The Hair Bar

Giving with PURPOSE not just for PROFITS

Paying it Forward

We know education is essential! So, for every ten ebooks purchased, we will be donating one FREE Ebook to an upcoming cosmetology student.  In order to do that, we will need your help! #artistsupportingartists

Human Trafficking

No child or woman should be sold into sex slavery! So we are working hard to partner our brand with organizations that fight against this atrocity.

Building a Community

Knowing my own journey in the beauty industry, and listening to similar stories from others, I felt it was simply time to build a community that genuinely gives back. A brand that gives with purpose, NOT just for profits.