Trying to become legally blonde?

Stephanie knows just how and what to do to get you there!!


I prime her hair for style and condition with colour fanatic 21, fabulous lengths and Redken’s blow dry primer. I then lightly massage in smooth perfection lightweight cream for a sleek/ smooth finish.

Formula: We did a Base extension with Shades EQ Cover Plus 6N + CLEAR + 10VOL. Followed by a full highlight with Flashlift + 20VOL at the regrowth and  Balayage with Flashlift + 10VOL through some of the ends just to brighten up previously lightened pieces. We finished with a

glaze using Shades EQ Gloss 9P + Processing Solution with Olaplex for 15 minutes.


Like many of our spot lighted stylists we want to be sure you get a chance to know them better. So here is what we asked Stephanie:

What advice would you give a new client if they were coming to sit in your chair for the first time? and Why?

“For any new guest- when you sit in my chair- always expect a consultation! I want to learn about you and your hair care needs. My top priority is the overall health and integrity of your hair. I always want to be sure your hair is at its best! “

You can find Stephanie at:

Aura Salon :

7878 Roswell Rd.

Sandy Springs, GA. 30350


Instagram: @styliststephaniecatherine