Coconut Oil Pulling Actually Works

One of my clients brought this concept to my attention so of course I can’t take all the credit. However, when she did, I thought and asked myself [question]“Do any of our social media fan followers know about this unique teeth whitening process called “coconut oil pulling”?[/question] This was a first for me, but when I started to do my research I quickly learned that it’s not new at all. In fact, it’s an ancient remedy that offers more than just a bright smile. You may first be asking, what is “coconut oil pulling”? I will not only explain...

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How to Get Tough Lipstick Stains Off

Can’t remove lipstick stain? Use these two simple tools.Soft bristle toothbrush Soft bristle toothbrush Natural oil or use an oil based eye-makeup remover Instructions: If you’re using makeup remover. First, shake the makeup remover really well to ensure all ingredients are blended. Then pour it lightly over your toothbrush and start to brush away. If the stain is still there, simply repeat. Using your natural oil, just apply and follow the same steps. Your lips never felt so soft! with Shades of Monet...

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Shear Destiny Audio

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