Lipstick + Cheeks = Blush

If you thought lipstick was only for your lips, then think again! Try applying it to your cheeks underneath your foundation! It will give you that apple smile 🙂 Makeup is not the only way to help you achieve a positive outlook on yourself. Here are 5 ways to have a daily positive attitude that will surely have you...

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Seasons Change So Do Your Foundations

Switching foundation colors and can’t decide? Before you do so, remember it’s not how you swatch as much as where you swatch when trying to test colors. It’s always best to swatch on your jawline and your throat. Also, double check in natural sunlight for best results. Need a beauty blender to go with that foundation? Then we have the ideal tool for you to try! HARD BOILED EGG BEAUTY BLENDER MAKEUP SPONGE  Yes, this egg even after Easter is still...

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Create your favorite lipstick

  Take your eye shadow and scoop it out of the pan, crush it into a fine powder, and then add a little Vaseline or to our clear lips gloss. There you have it. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, your two in one...

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How to Get Tough Lipstick Stains Off

Can’t remove lipstick stain? Use these two simple tools.Soft bristle toothbrush Soft bristle toothbrush Natural oil or use an oil based eye-makeup remover Instructions: If you’re using makeup remover. First, shake the makeup remover really well to ensure all ingredients are blended. Then pour it lightly over your toothbrush and start to brush away. If the stain is still there, simply repeat. Using your natural oil, just apply and follow the same steps. Your lips never felt so soft! with Shades of Monet...

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Cell phone acne?

Today, more than ever, our faces are glued to our cell phones. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have oil in your skin. When you couple that with makeup, it makes it that much worse. Answer: If you can, take a moment every night before going to sleep to wipe your phone off from top to bottom with an antibacterial wipe. Not only will your phone smell fresh and clean but your skin will love...

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