Rule the World Around You with a Floral Skirt

So what if you are a married woman? You may be a wife and mom but you need not be a Stepford wife all the time just to please others, especially your husband.  Whether you are a career mom or just a housewife, you have a personality of your own to let the world know about you. Here is an attire to make you feel good and happy. The world is full of examples of successful women who did not make it until they were 40 or older. Three women who struck success after the age of 40 Vera...

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Top Paid Fashion Bloggers Revealed

The subject on fashion bloggers is so interesting because there are thousands of them that are regularly writing articles and blogs to give information, advice, and valuable tips to their followers. Almost anyone can become a fashion blogger if she/he has a flair for writing and a decent sense of fashion. Here are a few of the top in the space of fashion and beauty. Aimee Song This long legged beauty is one of the top fashion bloggers in the world and her blog Song of Style is keenly awaited by hundreds and thousands of fashion conscious men and...

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Shear Destiny Audio

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