Color Melting What You Need to Know

Color melting is without a doubt one of the most underestimated hair color techniques out there. If you are not familiar with the coloring process Matrix does an excellent job explaining the technique as well as offering a variety of color melting pallets  Of course with the overwhelming response to my new hair color, I wanted to talk about the color melting formula I had done with Erin Jubril as we feature her in this weeks Stylist Spotlight,  because it offers the perfect segue to understanding why I love using color extractors. Clearly, like hairstylists, we are always pushing...

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Shear Destiny Book Launch Event

Shear Destiny Launch Party Live Event! While I’m playing catch up from one of the most amazing nights of my career. My team and I realize this stream is very long and wanted to break it down by speakers so that you could jump to the person you most want to hear from :). So, with an 1:10:03 worth of filming, here is the breakdown by name and career titles. I am also listing all of our sponsors here as well. This event would NEVER have been as successful without the LOVE and SUPPORT of each person involved.   Speakers:...

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Shear Destiny Audio

shear destiny book cd image


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